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Dealing with results day stress: Live Chat today, Tuesday 14 August 4-5.30pm

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by TES_Community, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    Results day can be extremely stressful - and we know that this is as true for teachers as it is for their students. To help you with any worries or concerns you might have about results day, we have a live webchat on Tuesday 14 August between 4pm and 5.30pm.
    You'll be able to get advice and anecdotes from our panel:
    Robert Latham, from the Teacher Support Network
    Tom Bennett, who - in addition to being the TES classroom management adviser - is also a head of department at his school.
    You can post questions directly into the webchat ahead of time too:
    Dealing with results day stress: Live Chat
    Don't forget to bookmark that page and return on Tuesday to check out the answers.
  2. I was at Dr yesterday for anti depressants and I feel so panicky I want to hand my notice in right now. Why did I put so many in on HT? Yes they need 20 fewer marks to get the C grade but the reading is so much more difficult. To counter that, the board's subject matter on HT is more teen orientated: Big Fat Gypsy Birthday as opposed to RSPB information.

    I feel ill. I think I'm going to bomb out. We've all been warned that if we don't hit targets we'll be on capability as out head doesn't 'do satisfactory'.

    I just want to cry and hide under the stairs.
  3. You need to put things into perspective. Providing the students were taught the syllabus, these are their results not yours.
    Should the results not be quite as expected, you can analyse to see why, put in for remarking, resits or analyse why. Then you take it from there and discuss with your line managers. I would not think your HT's threats are enforceable unless you have done something completely odd like taught the wrong syllabus! If, however, this is the climate in your school, maybe you should consider moving before the stress affects your health permanently.
    It is really important to get a good work-life balance and also learn to distance yourself to some extent from the results.

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