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Deadline Day For IfL Membership Renewal

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by zorbathebuddha, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Well, folks - it's now or never. In a 'last day of term' sort of way I've done some digging and according to the latest figures less than a third of IfL members have renewed their membership for 2011-12. My source for this is a press release entitled 'IfL confirms commitment to membership' presented on the IfL's own website. In the same release they reported the results of a recent UCU ballot in which 7,877 UCU members rejected the revised subscriptions offer (of £38 a year for the next two years) as opposed to 3,297 who accepted it: a margin of more than two to one.
    The IfL then released a further press release on 15th July - 'IfL clarifies the consequences of not paying membership fees' - in which they said that no action would be taken against anybody who didn't renew.
    I know from these threads that a lot of people are weighing up whether or not to renew their IfL membership and are fearful of the consequences of not paying up. I've read on here and on Facebook, etc that a lot of employers aren't now requiring staff to be members and while it remains a legal requirement for everyone employed in FE to be in the IfL, it's starting to look very much like this is going to be one of those laws that becomes redundant because it's practically unenforceable: a bit like the law against making mobile phone calls while you're driving.
    Hope this helps if you're still making up your mind about whether or not to renew. If you don't renew, it looks like you'll be in a rather large majority!
    Have a good holiday everybody!
  2. Oh dear, I seem to have fallen into arrears.
  3. Whoops, me too.

  4. Shucks, 3 days lapsed and still no letter.
  5. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    OK up to the point you compare IfL membership with making mobile phone calls while driving. The mobile phone law is enforceable and is regularly enforced by police and is a moving vehicle offence which can get you in front of a court. There will be no police kicking your doors in to get you to pay your IfL fees. What a completely stupid comparison, which destroys (essentially) the credibility of your argument.
    A better comparison might be the law of copyright with regard to copying your own DVDs.
  6. Zorba, here’s a few examples of unenforceable laws which you might find more analogous to your argument:
    • The eating of mince pies on Christmas Day is still illegal.
  7. Could we add that old chestnut about cabbies having to carry a truss of hay? I'd quite like to, because a truss of hay is about as much use to a modern taxi driver as the IfL is to an FE lecturer.
  8. busadam

    busadam New commenter

    <font size="1">This is a disgrace - IFL; not your lapse in membership!</font><font size="1"> I am surrounded by colleagues who are not UCU members who are conflicted as to whether they should pay up. I've explained what I can about this dire con, but when one gets threatening and professional messages, one is inclined to pay.</font><font size="1">When teaching in secondary school I was proud to be a member of the GTC. They supplied excellent advice and info, had been around for years and were supremely good value for money. The iFL - enforcing membership they same year GTC get redunded (ire - not spelling idiot) is tragic. The fear they have instilled in my part-time trainer colleagues &ndash; many of whom are professionals in the banking community and teaching courses here for the benefit of local population (certainly not for remuneration or career benefit! My colleagues are more concerned about IFL threats than FSA &ndash; there&rsquo;s an indictment of inadequate balance of powers&hellip;</font> <font size="1">Do not pay iFL, do not register with them. And personally, sadly, do not vote for ANY of the lying idiots in Whitehall &ndash; if no one votes, how can they claim control? Wouldn&rsquo;t it be great if the BBC votomitor shows votes in numbers of 10&rsquo;s instead of thousands.</font>
  9. If ever there was an indictment for the need of regulation in FE......

  10. Hey, has someone been complaining about my posts? Some of them seem to have disappeared.
    Anyway, as predicted, it now looks like a stalemate has been reached between UCU and IfL, (quicker than I thought). The AoC are now advising member colleges to take no action against employees who have not paid their membership fee, and John Hayes is telling everyone to cool their jets pending an independent review.
    I sense a distinct ebb of political support for compulsory membership. John Hayes was always in difficult position when his boss was going in the opposite political direction re IfL's older sister - the GTC.
    My guess is that an independent review will distinguish between compulsory registration and voluntary membership.
  11. Surely not, shirtandtie. I cannot see that you have written anything untoward.
    I sincerely hope you are right. Care to put a fiver on it?

  12. Got a link, this looks like an interesting turn?
  13. I hope I'm right too. But I'm not so sure I'd go as far as risking a fiver on it (there's a reasonable bottle of Rioja on offer down my local tesco which I'd prefer to invest in).
  14. Thank you. Thought as usual I am frustrated by poor communication. This time demonstrated by the fact that I hear it on TES before the union tells the membership.
  15. BillyBobJoe

    BillyBobJoe Established commenter

    Talk to your local rep. we had a detailed email from our union rep 2 days ago.
  16. To distinguish between registration and membership would solve the problem at a stroke. I'm willing to be registered for ever and ever, amen, so long as I'm not paying IfL either as a member or as a taxpayer. Those who want to pay to be members and underwrite IfL piffle and posturing are most welcome to do so, on a voluntary basis. They should make a nice, cosy, intimate little group.
  17. I think so.
    Me too, but I think I'd recognise that there must be some cost in maintaining a register and that government has a legitimate reason to meet this cost (at least for those of us working for publically funded colleges), so as to protect the wider public interest, i.e. to ensure that teaching staff are suitably qualified. I'm not even that bothered if I have to demonstrate CPD.

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