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Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by stupot101, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    Is it possible for me to apply for a DBS as an individual for freelance employment?

  2. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    You can apply for a basic DBS through the police but this won't be enough for teaching. You will need to get an enhanced one through a teaching agency. It's easy to do. Just sign with an agency, pay the £45 and they will apply on your behalf.
  3. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    Sorry I misunderstood. You don't really need one as a freelance tutor. There is nolaw which says you do. If you want to though just do what I said above.
  4. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    Wow! 4 days and the two messages above still haven't appeared!
  5. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    May I send you a PM WaylonWu?
  6. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    Yes sure.
  7. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    Sorry WaylonWu, I cant't seem to work out how to send a PM, or read messages
  8. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    I've heard it's not possible to send PMs while moderated.
  9. snowyhead

    snowyhead Lead commenter

    @WaylonWu is correct you will only be able to get a DBS certificate through a registered employer. You could do this with a supply agency (you never know they might even give you a bit of work to tide you over). Once you receive it you will have 19 days to register for the 'DBS up-date service' which costs £13 a year. Registration means that any subsequent employers won't need to undertake a new DBS as they can access your certificate on-line and free of charge.
  10. Marijke

    Marijke New commenter

    I've handed in my notice today (maths HoD, been teaching 7 years) and will hopefully be tutoring maths after Christmas. Can I still use my school DBS? When that runs out, can I only go through an agency for a new one? Or can I register for that update survive?
  11. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    You can definitely use it @Marjike. There isn't any official expiry date with a DBS. If your existing one is already on the update service you only need to pay the £13 once a year to keep it active.

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