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DBS not renewed by supply agency

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by KRS0NE, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. KRS0NE

    KRS0NE New commenter

    I signed up to work for a supply agency in January 18 and worked full time for them until the Summer holidays. I was told that they would renew my dbs in the April. I rang them at Easter to make sure they were doing this and was told they were and not to worry. However, at the back of my mind I did worry as I was sure I hadn't seen the direct debit for the update, tracking service of £13 come out of my account. Stupidly, I took their word and thought no more about it. Until I registered with another agency two weeks ago to find my dbs not in date. Turns out they never renewed it in April. They have since sent me a link (free of charge) and I've applied for another. However, I haven't yet had it back and so won't be able to start work yet.
    Has anyone had this happen to them? I believe I must have been working since April without a live dbs.
  2. educ80

    educ80 Occasional commenter

    I would highly recommend joining an agency that knows what it is doing. An agency can not renew your DBS for you, it is not their document and only YOU can put it on the update service and be responsible for it being on the update service.
    They should not have told you that they would do it because they cant renew it, it is not their document. It sounds like they have strung you along big time and I would look at reporting them for their practices.
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  3. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    It can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for a DBS to come through, I have set up a direct debit to pay for the update service, because of the new to work for different agencies and so I own the DBS and not particular agency.

    Do not worry it was the agency who failed to check that you did not have a up to date DBS and I would automatically set up a direct debit in the future, because as I have implied many agencies are blo*dy useless at such things.

    Good luck for the coming year
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  4. LunaBlue123

    LunaBlue123 New commenter

    Good morning @KRSONE. How frustrating. It's unusual that your agency didn't process a DBS in January as most agencies usually insist on doing their own even if you have a current one from the school that you've worked in for 20+ years!

    I'm not surprised that they're processing your new one for free. :) They'll have stringent policies regarding DBS renewals and checks. They've dropped the ball big time if they're sending someone into a school who doesn't have a DBS certificate that follows the agreed/expected guidelines. I'm assuming that your previous certificate reached the three year mark in April? Interestingly, although most schools./agencies renew checks every three years, the DBS certificate does not expire. In reality, it's out of date as soon as the initial check is complete.

    Let's hope, that your new application is one that is processed quickly so that it's in place sooner rather than later. It's little consolation, but, unless you have a long term booking, September is incredibly quiet in the world of supply.

    As @educ80 said, it's up to you to register your DBS certificate for the Update Service. You'll need to register it online (using the reference number on your certificate) within thirty days. You can set it up to renew automatically but they'll send you a reminder thirty days before renewal if you don't. Tip: keep an eye on the expiry date of the card that you use. You can only register a new card within thirty days of the renewal date. Your agency should ask to see the original certificate once you receive it. Keep the certificate safe as you will not be issued with a new paper copy on the Update Service...ever!

    Hope it's sorted for you soon.
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