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DBS available to all?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by supply287, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. supply287

    supply287 New commenter

    If you work for more than one agency and register with the DBS update service , can each agency find out the others that you work for?
  2. Jenexell

    Jenexell New commenter

    Would it matter if they did? I've told my agencies who else I'm signed up with. Hasn't caused me a problem, if anything its made some of them more willing to up my rate when they know I'm getting more elsewhere.

    But to answer your question, as far as I know your DBS won't reveal who else you're employed with. Unlike the old CRB the DBS is not "held" by a specific organisation, which is why schools can no longer retain a copy of your DBS only a record of the certificate number. Similarly, agencies only need to "have sight" of your DBS certificate and can confirm its validity through the update service, they shouldn't really retain a copy of it, (although most will).
  3. snowyhead

    snowyhead Lead commenter

    The DBS up-date service allows employers to check the register which includes a list of other organisations that have accessed your certificate.

    From DBS (.GOV.uk)

    When you join, you’ll get an online account that lets you:

    • take your certificate from one job to the next
    • give employers permission to check your certificate online, and see who has checked it
    • add or remove a certificate
    Read the detailed guidance for applicants.

    What does it matter if other agencies find out who you are registered with. It might make them keener to get you work if they know they are in competition with others.
  4. educ80

    educ80 Occasional commenter

    Remember also that the name of the agency that "processes" your DBS will be on the front of the DBS itself too. But jenexell is right,it shouldn't matter. If you work for an agency that demands that information for their own nefarious means then don't work with them, they are clearly unscrupulous.
  5. snowyhead

    snowyhead Lead commenter

    That's not strictly correct. Any employer may keep a copy of your DBS certificate with your permission and statutory data protection rules apply to the storage of information contained in it. The up-date service lists every eligible body that has accessed your DBS certificate.

    From guidance for employers:

    5. Now that the certificate is only sent to the applicant, can I still keep a copy of the certificate for our records?

    Yes you can with the applicant’s consent. You must apply the same data protection provisions when keeping a copy of the certificate.


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