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Daytime naps- help!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Keep Smiling!, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter


    I've found this forum so helpful so I'm hoping you cab help me again! My LO is 6 weeks and is sleeping quite well of a night. We get about 5 or 6 hours when we first put her down (anywhere between 9pm and 10pm) and then she goes anywhere between 3 and 4 hours after that. She doesn't have a dummy of a night and generally falls asleep as she's finishing her bottle an with a few pats will go asleep.

    However it's a different story in the day. She really fights sleep and it is difficult to get her to nap. This is probably my fault as we've been inundated with visitors and so she's fallen asleep in peoples arms. I've just started trying to put her down once she's asleep but she wakes after about 10 minutes. She's swaddled and has a dummy in the day and tends to wake when it falls out. I then take her out 're-settle her and put her back in. But she keeps waking which usually results in her getting overtired and not napping at all. I don't know if I'm doing it the best way or how long to keep putting her back down, does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Sorry for lack of paragraphs and mistakes, I'm writing this on my I phone with one hand as she's in my arms!!
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I haven't really got any advice, but my daughter is similar, so you have my sympathies! She's nearly 15 weeks old and doesn't nap much in the day at all. She doesn't really seem to like falling asleep on people either, she always wants to be awake and entertained. The only time she will sleep for long stretches is when she's in the pram and we're out, but even then she doesn't always sleep for more than about 15 minutes. She doesn't have a dummy at all.
    Like yours, she's pretty good at night. She's ready for bed between 7 and 8 usually, and she will go in her cot awake and get herself to sleep. Unfortunately she still wakes once or twice every night.
    I also have a 2 year old, and he was the complete opposite as a baby - slept loads in the day, but went to bed late at night and had to be rocked to sleep, but only woke up once.
  4. My baby is 12 weeks old. Hasn't napped in the day except in my arms until about a week ago when she has started generally having one nap a day of around 45 mins and a couple of 10 mins. I generally go and put her in her basket now rather than letting her lie on me but it is a recent development. may just take more time!
  5. 6 weeks is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. Teeny tiny. Don't expect too much of your bubs at this stage - they've barely been outside of you for any time at all and still feel the need to be close. The night time sleep sounds great. Enjoy the cuddles while they last - before you know it they won't sit still for more than 5 seconds!
  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My daughter is already like that! She's been rolling over both ways since the day she turned 3 months! She wants to play with her big brother i think.
    6 weeks seems tiny in comparison even with 15 weeks.
  7. The other posters are right - 6 weeks is very early to be worrying too much about napping routines. However you might want to think about setting up some napping conventions as everything with babies takes a lot of persistence to bed in! Usually at that age (though all babies are different of course) she will be wanting to sleep about every 1.5-2 hours or so. If you can get into the habit of putting her down for naps with a minimal fuss (easier said than done I know) then all the better. I say this because my LO (now 1) was a bit difficult to put down and I would end up rocking him to sleep and then he would wake up as soon as I laid him down. Other mums I know who are on baby number 2 or 3 have managed to get their babies to accept napping and just move them into their buggy when they start rubbing their eyes or yawning and they fall asleep, without any pushing, shhhing or other palava which seems miraculous to me!

    My little one only has 2 naps a day now and is so used to his napping routine (into sleeping bag, read him a book cuddled up on my lap, put his lullabyes on and then cuddle with the lights out and room dark until he is settled and then down into his cot) that he always goes down and stays asleep from anywhere between 40 minutes and 1.5 hours. This has taken a looooong time to instigate though.

    Also don't worry about them falling asleep on you or in a sling sometimes...they nap so much at that age that you would never go anywhere if they only slept in their cot! I found the baby whisperer book quite helpful as long as you take it with a large pinch of salt in places and adapt it to your own way of doing things.

    Hope this helps
  8. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Thank you so much for all the replies! Maybe I am expecting too much, I'm just wary about setting up bad habits as everyone keeps telling me I'm making a rod for my own back if I rock her to sleep or give her a dummy. I'll keep on cuddling her and then putting her down so she's at least used to sleeping in her carrycot. This afternoon she went down awake with her dummy and sent herself off to sleep but then woke up when it fell out, is there any way around this? I have to admit I do like the cuddles and when shes asleep on me, I just hope my husband doesn't mind that nothing else gets done!!

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