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Day Trip to France

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by prettyinpink, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. You have mail, C.
  2. Vendredi I am taking a group on 18th July to Boulogne.
    could you email me the town trail and could you suggest good pick up and drop off points in Boulogne.we will have about 2.5 hours there. We will also have a bakery visit and Cite Europe.

    Demifrog1 at hotmail dot co dot uk

  3. Hi vendredi

    Can you E-mail me a copy of the town trail please? I have 40 Year 9s to occupy!

    Many thanks
  4. Hi all - I will email out town trails tonight.
    I could do with some advice myself - we are going this Friday and the weather looks rather dodgy. Apart from Cite Europe, any ideas what we can do if it is pouring with rain? (5 hours to kill).
  5. Vendredi, please can I have a copy of the Boulogne town trail.. yes, I asked yesterday but here's my complete E-mail address!


  6. Hi all - town trails emailed to you (belatedly!).
    Re parking query: get your driver to drop you off at the car park up the hill from the market square near the old town. You can then work your way down and meet your coach at the coach park outside Nausicaa (near the beach). You should have time to explore old and new towns and a walk around the walls.
    Hope it goes well!
  7. Sorry - forgot to add: make sure the students use the free toilet in the Tourist Info place in the old town. There is only one (very well-hidden) public loo in the new town and it seems to be permanently out of order. Cafe/bar owners will not let the students use the loo unless they order a drink! There are, however, lovely clean loos at the far end of Cite Europe.
  8. ningham

    ningham New commenter

    please could you email me a copy of the town trail-it would be really appreciated !

    Thank you !

    My email is :ningham@bowlandhigh.lancs.sch.uk

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