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Day Trip to France

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by prettyinpink, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. schoolmarm

    schoolmarm New commenter

    near the ramparts there's a big Joke shop called "Le mai^tre farceur" which we take kids to. the boys especially love it.
  2. I did this trip for years before I moved to Oz. Tips I could give you are:
    1) use the tunnel rather than the ferry, it's quicker and less exhausting than supervising umpteen kids on a ferry.
    2) Have lunch and play games on the beach.
    3) Visit the sealife centre, it's really good!
    4) Go up to the old town and have a walk round and a drink in a café, with the kids ordering their own drinks. They will also have great fun buying trash from the market stalls, but beware of kids buying knives and fireworks.
    5)It is also interesting to to the Cité Europe, but unfortunately the stress involved with kids who tend to wander off is massive!
    Have a great time!
  3. 9th and 16th June
  4. redpens,
    I dont think so, we tried to book our one last year and didnt get any reply so I dont think this is the one you have used. Have fun
  5. About 2 weeks ago I took 47 kids to Boulogne. We left on the Friday night at 22.00 and arrived at boulogne around 7.40. We had a French breakfast first and on the square there was a small market where they spent a bit of time. Then we headed to the old town, had a tour on the wall and through the centre. They had a bit of free time and had lunch there. After lunch, we walked to the sweet factory called becasuc. It was very good. The tour is well explained and the guy is funny! The kids were allowed to try some of the sweets. After the confiserie, we went to Nausicaa and after this the coach picked us up and we went to Cité de l'Europe, a very big shopping centre where the kids had time to do a bit of shopping, have dinner and at 9pm we played bowling. We left at 22.30 and headed back to the UK. The kids were very tired at the end but had a good time.
    Hope this helps
  6. funambule

    funambule New commenter

    I agree with all the points you make Frechmistress50; there are certainly plenty of traps for the unwary who are taking kids to Boulogne, maybe for the first time, in June/July when there are loads of other school parties there.
    It's also essential to give them info about loos: There's a public loo in the Town Hall in the old town otherwise they may have to use cafes.
    Sorry to be so basic but this is particularly important for Primary teachers who may not have done something like this before.
  7. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    Vendredi, would you be so kind as to post details of your town trail?
    We are going in September with year 9 and are spending the afternoon in the Old Town (after a visit to Nausicaa and lunch on the beach).
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. MFLrs are a great bunch! :)
  8. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    up - please, please, please.....?
  9. I have asked PGL to forward me one. I will pass it to you when they get around to it!
  10. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    Oh thanks so much!! :)
  11. De rien. (Assuming they come up with the goods!)
  12. hennapen

    hennapen New commenter

  13. Will do!
  14. You have mail, hennapen. x
  15. Vendredi, I'm also going to Boulogne in a few weeks, would you mind sending me a copy please ? (clabole at hotmail dot com)

    Thank you very much in advance :)

  16. Done, clabole. x
  17. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    I can just picture hordes of school kids running round Boulogne, with exhausted teachers trying to keep up :)
    Thanks, Vendredi.
  18. hennapen

    hennapen New commenter

    Merci beaucoup vendredi! and as we are going on a Friday I will be thinking of you!!

  19. Enjoy your trips everyone!
    Poor Boulogne!
  20. If anyone has a copy of the town trail mentioned originally by Vendredi (I think), I'd be really grateful for one. I'm taking a group of Year 7 students to Boulogne on the 14th of July and there's a town trail planned for the afternoon. Thanks.

    Also, does anyone know if the shops in the old part of Boulogne are open on the 14th, or closed?


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