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Day Trip to France

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by prettyinpink, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. The Sea Life Centre - it was really good when we went there a few years ago
  2. We went last year and it was fab. but not in the budget this year. cheap (free) and cheerful!
  3. mpc


    Some kind of treasure hunt?
  4. As we are stopping at a hypermarket on the way back, i had planned to give them a list of things to find (while we shop!).
  5. mpc


    Good one. A shopping list for a party?
  6. Brilliant! thank you.
  7. How about giving them some disposable cameras and getting them to photograph specific types of shop, building, road signs etc - would be good for display back at school!
  8. mpc


    It sounds great fun and takes me back a bit to previous trips with kids. They especially love hypermarkets, finding the French name for... and all that mullarkey. If I crouch down really small (say Y7 size) can I come too?
  9. mpc


    I love the disposable camera idea. I suppose in this day and age many kids have cameras on their phones??? It may be against your school policy to let them though.
  10. mpc, consider yourself invited.
    The camera idea is great! Thank you!
  11. There is a very good bakery where children can see croissants being made and make some themselves. It's just outside Boulogne, can't remember the name, sorry, but someone should know. There's also a chocolate factory outside Boulogne, that gives presentations of chocolate making to children - again can't remember the name but they have a shop in Boulogne itself. There's also an excellent cheese shop in the town. How about all going to a cafe and ordering drinks?
  12. If you get the coach driver to take you down to Le Touquet which is about 30 mins down the road you can tell them to bring their swimsuits and take them to Aqualud - brilliant fun! About £7 or £8 each and well worth it - ours loved it!


    it's indoors as well as out so fine if it's cold!
  13. hennapen

    hennapen New commenter

    football on the beach (while you watch over from one of the beachside cafés!) always a winner and it wears them out too!
  14. Thank you all again for all the great ideas!
  15. I'm doing the trip too! First time for me...I'm an overseas trip virgin...and rather scared! The bakery sounds fab!!
  16. lisamariehc
    sorry to say, but the bakery has closed, we used it a couple of times and also got bread and croisents as well for snacks etc. Last year we went to a type of theme park St Josephs just outside of Calais, had all old French shops to look at including a school, garage, chapel etc. Good for a couple of hours and the kids could eat packed lunch on the grounds (not big so could keep an eye on them). In Boulogne we have used a creperie in the old town, do a good savory gallette (sp?) then a sweet crepe and a drink at a fixed price, good as well as can go to town hall square and buy stamps and post cards (post box is round the corner - remember plenty of pens!) Then a walk round the ramparts and then meet bus at the port (all down hill)
    Hope this is of help
  17. Boulogne is a lovely place to visit and there is certainly lots to do. We went there last year with the same age group and took a walk around the ramparts. You can get onto it from lots of points and walk for as long as you want before getting back down into the town. We bought a drink and a crepe from one of the many creperies before we started. Even the shopping-mad girls enjoyed the views!
    Have fun
  18. Thanks again. When are you going delly?
  19. hennapen

    hennapen New commenter

    We're there again on the 6th June
  20. ict guru

    Are you talking about the bakery in Neuchâtel Hardelot about 15 mins south of Boulogne? We are booked in there for the summer so hope we are not talking about the same one!! Have been there several times before - the hands on approach goes down very well!

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