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day time sleeping

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lottie25, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. LO is 12 weeks and has never really liked sleeping during the day. He use to sleep on me when he was little pinning me to the sofa and when ever i put him down he would wake up and cry. I bought a sling and this works sometimes however recently this seems to have stopped working and he just simply will not go to sleep. He gets really over tired and crys and crys. He sleeps really well at night and has just started to go all night. However when i put him in his basket during the day he screams till i give in and pick him up. He sleeps when we are out in the car or buggy. My question really is do i follow the same routine as a night to get him to sleep in his basket during the day or will this then muck up his night time sleeping, something which obviously i'm desperate not to happen. He has a sleeping bag at night should i put him in that during the day when i try and put him down. I'm scared of doing something that will muck up the night times as its been so great to have him go down at 8 and not wake up till the next morning. What do other people do? If we could just get day time sleeping sorted things would be fab!!
  2. I could have written this post! I'll be interested to see what advice people have!
  3. I would say, yes use the same sleep bag for daytime naps as nighttime sleep. It works for my LO (who is 8 months old, sleeps through the night & has 3 daytime naps - either in the car/pram or the cot depending on our day) as they associate it with sleep. Also worth a try in my view, is a small security/comfort blanket (the best tenner I ever spent!!) As soon as I lay LO down in the cot (day or night) he reaches for it and rubs it/sucks it/holds it/goes to sleep with it completely covering his head lol. (It's very small so totally safe). Shoot me for saying this but I also think you could try a bit of what people call 'controlled crying'. Put LO down & after a few minutes of whimpering/crying go in and pat/shush/rock until he's calm then leave the room again Repeat etc etc. An alternative is to go in and pick baby up, have a cuddle and then when calm put him back down. I'm not one for leaving my LO to cry for any length of time but nor do I go running in at the first squeak. Luckily I've only ever had to use this method for very short periods but now my LO sleeps for England and is a dream at putting himself to sleep. Long may it last and good luck with the naps!
  4. My LO is a terrible day sleeper. I try to make sure he has 3 naps a day but he rarely sleeps longer that half an hour. I put him down as soon as he gets tired [yawns or rubs his eyes]. Usually this is about 2 hours after he has woken up from the last sleep.
    I close the curtains, put him in his sleeping bag and leave him. Usually he cries and then I do exactly what La Mariposa does, he still isn't great at settling himself but he is better than he was. If he gets overtired he will not sleep so it's best to try to settle them as soon as they show the first sign of being tired.
    Sometimes though I have to resort to walking for miles with him in the buggy, great for your bum!
  5. Hee hee my LO is exactly the same! He's 8 months old and it's only just recently that he is capable of staying awake for more like 3 hours. He was like clockwork on the 2 hour thing for ages.
  6. thanks for the replies they've been really helpful. I will try following a similiar routine to night time, but maybe make it a bit lighter. Also i'm not sure how much sleep a 3 month all needs? Any idea? I think my LO is the same with the 2 hour thing but i can't yet spot the signs until hes screaming and in a state. Will have to keep looking for them.

  7. I have been putting LO down everyday this week in basket in the morning with varying results, but he did sleep for 3 hours this morning however only slept for 40 mins yesturday. At the moment when he crys as long as hes had a bit of sleep i am picking him up and bringing him down for a play then putting him down again when he seems tired. Still haven't really got the signs of when hes tired down but am trying. LO has always just settled to sleep but last 2 days he has cried before sleeping. I do let him cry for up to 5 mins, which i find really hard but he often settles, if he doesn't i pick him up and feed him a bit more then put him down again and try again. I do tend to feed him when ever he cries and then he drops off and i wakes slightly when put him in his basket. Sorry having re-read what i've written this doesn't seem to help you but didn't want you to feel like you were alone.
  8. saripop - can't really help but didn't want to ignore - my LO is 10 weeks 'I think thats younger than yours' I can't get him to sleep in his crib at all - he generally falls asleep feeding (at night this is) I then put him down in his crib and he stays there. I do know it would be better to put him down sleepy in the long run but tried it for about an hour and a half and he wasn't having any of it - I have come to the conclusion that I need to be more flexible with him and not worry if he isn't following a 'routine' (It works for us although I imagine other people would say differently) do what is best for you and your LO.
    our LO sleeps easily in the car and pram - and will generally stay asleep if in a deep sleep when we stop. -

  9. I don't have a full answer as my LO's sleep, especially day time, is still variable but, yes, I think she does need to cry a bit to fall asleep. I set a ten minute limit on whingy tired crying and a five minute limit on screaming but I rarely have to go back. Saying that, we had whingy crying for a minute or two every ten minutes for two hours in the night so what do I know!!
  10. Thanks ladies for your replies. I just needed to know that my baby wasn't the only one in the world that cried before falling asleep!
    Lottie, my HV also said just to feed her until she falls alseep, but I'm not sure I want to always have her relying on feeding before sleeping.
    Someone's advice about putting them down two hours after they have woken up worked really well yesterday. She had lots of naps yesterday (in her basket!) mostly around half an hour each time, one of around an hour. So I think things are getting better.
    Thanks so much for all your advice, everyone. It is really reassuring when you know you're not the only one having a particular issue.

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