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Day Nursery

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by MisterFlibble, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Have had them in the past - but they've had a 100% hit rate of ringing me during the school holidays when I've already got something arranged for the day so I've never done it.

  2. Did one through a social care agency recently, accepted and then found out I got £7 an hour, good experience but never again.
  3. I accept nursery shifts when I haven't got a teaching shift. I don't tend to pre-book them, I'll only take them when I'm sure there's no teaching. I'm Early Years/KS1 trained and usually work in the pre-school room. Get paid £7.00 per hour - keeps the wolf from the door for another day!
  4. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I have done quite a bit of nursery work and have worked with various ages right up from the baby room (youngest was about 7months) to the preschoolers. I have a couple of nurseries who know I'm a teacher and will ask for me (one even comes to me when I'm in with extra shifts), although reluctant to take prebooked nursery work, teaching work has been so thin on the ground recently any money is money to me. I get about £7- 7.50 an hour but generally don't take less than 4-5hours work and not too far away otherwise it's not worth it.

    Just a word of advice though (as given to me by one of the nursery nurses who I worked with).... if you are a teacher, don't go in there looking down your nose at the other people working there. They usually know you're a teacher and they get the impression from some that they think they are above them because of their QTS. She actually said to me she liked how I didn't do that and how I was like one of them and mucked in.

    I say go for it, money is money at the moment.
  5. I've been doing quite a bit of supply work in nurseries. I have quite a lot of experience as a nursery assistant anyway so it's something I'm open to.
    I get £8.50 an hour. I would much prefer to be in the classroom but if there is none of that available, nursery work beats sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle. I get asked back a lot too.
  6. I went it was great I got £7ph and spent 6 hours working with 2-3yo. I did dive in and cleared dinner off the floor etc then went to baby room when toddlers had their nap. They rang the agency up when I left to say what and awesome job I did. I'd do it again but only if there's no teaching or ta work.

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