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Dating websites

Discussion in 'Personal' started by auntymabel, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Advice needed.
    As a teacher is it ok to join dating websites?
    I no longer wish to be on my own and wish to share my life with somebody but for this to happen I need to start dating.
    I don't particularly go out much- although plan to make more effort to meet new people however as another option is it ok to join a dating website?

  2. Advice needed.
    As a teacher is it ok to join dating websites?
    I no longer wish to be on my own and wish to share my life with somebody but for this to happen I need to start dating.
    I don't particularly go out much- although plan to make more effort to meet new people however as another option is it ok to join a dating website?

  3. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Of course you can join dating websites. I joined two a few years ago, and I met my now fiance!
    Some people don't post pictures if they are teachers, in case the kids find it. Personally, I think kids have much better things to do than look for their teachers on dating websites. Just don't let it be known to them that you are on such sites and you'll be fine.
    Good luck!
  4. Yes of course. I did internet dating over a 7 year period on and off. Did match.com, dating direct, Guardian soulmates, mysinglefriend and plenty of fish. Found it very disheartening at times and often vowed to never do it again. However, in one last ditch attempt last summer on plenty of fish (free site so more 'sifting' through the dodgy ones needed) I met a lovely bloke and I'm still with him 5 months later. Give it a go!
  5. That's great, Fiona - I know from your posts that you've had a few disappointments so I hope this goes well for you.
    Dating websites seem to have taken over from pubs and clubs as a way to meet people - particularly those no longer in their early 20s. With a bit of common sense and careful sifting I reckon it's probably worth trying if you're keen to meet someone.
  6. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    I am on a few dating sites and these are some tips that I'd pass on about being a teacher on them:
    Pictures - just play it slightly safe and don't post anything online that could be printed out to be used to hurt you.
    Job title - personally I leave it blank and if I let someone know what my job is online I just say something like "It's only part of who I am".
    Hobbies / interests information - essential to people wanting to meet you.
    Prying questions about your job - block them!
    People making smutty comments about your job - block them!
    I also have a golden rule: I never type online the name of the school that I work in or share any form of information about work that is private. At most, I confirm the phase I am trained to teach and that's about it.
    Generally, I just use some basic common sense and take it from there.
  7. I met my OH on Plenty of Fish too nearly three years ago. [​IMG]
    I wasn't actually a teacher at the time but I worked in a school. I was cautious with saying what I did for work (think I was more scared of actually 'meeting' one of the parents at the school - now that would have been embarrassing!!).
    I didn't put on a photo (though did swap one if I got chatting to someone). This means that you don't tend to get messages as much as you would with photo. However, I would often message others first anyway... If they replied, great. If not, no big deal...
    Enjoy the experience, even if you don't find the ideal partner, it's great fun dating anyway and meeting people.
  8. I am also a sucess story - just got engaged after using Eharmony again just over a year ago
    I have tried many of them but found ones which took a bit longer to sign up for and you had to pay for I had more luck with.
    Also re the kids I agree they have better things to do - although freebie sites are more likely to be visited, also eHarmony using matching so you can't search for people.
    Best of luck - best three month for the price of one deal I ever used, they send you loads when you are no longer a member!
  9. dumpty

    dumpty Lead commenter

    Times have changed - look how the present generation use Facebook and share quite personal pictures and information with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of 'friends' (many being total strangers). You can be searched and found through Google's face recognition now, so you either accept the internet has taken your privacy (as with FB) or leave it completely. Personally, I would go on the sites but keep your photos and profile respectable AND use a log in name that has nothing to do with you at all - don't mix your name into it. This makes Googling you more hit and miss.
  10. Facebook is more the worry as often pictures of you are put there without your consent or control and youngsters are far more into Facebook than dating sites, where it is nigh on impossible to track you if you are sensible. (As others have said, have a username far from your own, say you live in a town different to the school etc). To be honest, imo any professional person should refrain from getting a Facebook account, not least as it is getting bigger (and worse) by the second. A picture of you drunk and flashing your backside (even if pure and innocent fun) on FB will be of far greater interest than (for youngsters) a boring and sensibly written profile on a dating site.
  11. I like the sound of this one if people can't search for you, does anyone know if there are others like this?
    It's something that I've always thought of but don't know if I'd have the confidence to actually go for it. Who knows - new yr and all that!
  12. If it makes you feel any better a friend of ours met his new girlfriend on match.com. When we asked how they met they told us. She is a nurse and he said that a huge number of the people he came across were teachers or nurses...I guess the jobs that make it hard to meet people.

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