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Database expressions

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by purestrats, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. purestrats

    purestrats New commenter

    Thinking of doing this as a lesson (50 minute lessons) and wondering if you guys have used any rich or high level questions i could ask, or indeed a challenging side task which keeps them on task?

  2. NeitherMouseNorSock

    NeitherMouseNorSock New commenter

    No offence but....even the title sounds boring.

    Could you expand a little.
    -Age group
    -Previous Experience of the group
  3. purestrats

    purestrats New commenter

    -Purpose - Getting the database to automate some fields rather than the kid having to manually calculate a profit, eg making an income field, outgoing, then a profit and manually typing in income-outgoing. I want to show them you can set up a database and using a form you can get the thing to automate itself.

    then you can go into conditional IIF statements and have certain things applied iof some Yes/No boxes are checked

    -Age group - 15

    -Previous Experience of the group - built a database and just created records. Basically not even scratched the surface of what a database can do
  4. NeitherMouseNorSock

    NeitherMouseNorSock New commenter


    Personally, I would progress with queries reports and basic forms first.

    The automated features of forms always get them interested and it provides a nice link to the automated data.

    Could you get them to work out the answers manually to some automated data. Then go on to a pre-made database to check the answers? Progress then on to making a specific calculation on a set field?

    E.g. Todays date -7 days? VAT etc.

    Disclaimer: I haven't taught databases in depth for 6 years but it's a similar approach to algorithms when programming

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