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Data tracking and strategies to raise attainment.....

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by surfscoota, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. surfscoota

    surfscoota New commenter

    I have just been to an interview and despite being told that my practical Physical Education teaching was strong with good progressions and interaction with the pupils........my lack of knowledge in'data tracking and strategies to raise attainment' prevented me from being appointed.
    I am in desperate need of direction having been advised to immerse myself in SISRA and 4Matrix for example so that I can get upto speed before re-applying for the post. (None of the candidates were appointed).
    Any advice would be very much appreciated....especially with regards to practical examples.
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    What sort of post was this?
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    As MM says . . . do you have no experience of this in your current role?

    Start shadowing whoever does this in your current school

    Best wishes

  4. surfscoota

    surfscoota New commenter

    It's a 'my wife is being made redundant in September, I might not have a job myself in September, I would love to have some advice from colleagues' type of post. Does that make it a bit clearer?
  5. surfscoota

    surfscoota New commenter

    Thanks, TheoGriff.
    Unfortunately, we do not have any of these systems (SISRA, 4 Matrix) in place at the moment so I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a few tutorials/blogs. I think I will have to put a shout out to some colleagues in my area.
    All the best.
  6. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I think MM meant what was the title of the job for which you were interviewed? You have not stated.
  7. surfscoota

    surfscoota New commenter

    Apologies to all! Not thinking straight with emotions running high..
    Normal teaching post in a state sector secondary was the post that I applied for.
    Thanks, Minnie Me.
  8. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    It happens ! Good Luck.
  9. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I'm strongly suspecting that this was merely 'You didn't get the job so we're fobbing you off with me thing' feedback, to be honest. I asked the question about what type of post it was because I'd only expect someone at HOD level to know how to use specific types of data systems - but even then, there are other, much more important things that would lead me to appoint someone, largely because anyone can be taught to use specific data systems once in post.

    If they thought you were a good enough candidate but for this one issue, they'd have appointed you and taught you once you started the job - surely?
  10. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter



    I was surprised to hear that it wasn't at least HoD level to have this feedback. A post where this was an essential requirement. Was it part of the job description?

    I just don't think that a familiarity with data crunching, especially for a non key subject, can be that important for this post. So I'm with MM on this one.

    And I suggest that you might consider not bothering to learn about it.

    Best wishes

  11. speccyteacher

    speccyteacher New commenter

    I know loads about both systems - 4matrix and SISRA - nice applications that allow you to interrogate data - 4matrix is nice because it does transition matrices you so you can see which groups of students are under-perforning.
    You can get all of this from a list of data and a highlighter. Computers just make it a swifter process to highlight those you need to think about.
    MORE importantly is ......what are you going to do to support those students to make improved progress. OR what are you going to do to support the teacher whose class is well below the line????

    The school didnt know what they were talking about - OR in your heightened state of ARGHHHHHness you misunderstood their feedback. OR They were rubbish in giving feedback and were picking at straws.

    The important question is "how would you use data to intervene/suporrt staff students" NOT - can you use our system.

    I started when I had a markbook - paper and pencil. Does the same thing as SISRA or 4Matrix.
    Mine was prettier as I could use lots of colours etc - but then I had to use tippex later!!!!!!!
  12. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I stand by my theory that they were fobbing off the OP, @speccyteacher
  13. KieranBurke

    KieranBurke New commenter

    They're not being entirely honest with you. It sounds like an attempt to raise the bar too high.

    As a classroom teacher you don't need to produce these documents, we only use them when running a department. Even then, most people working in schools have no idea about data analysis.

    I've a Masters in Data analysis and I've never seen any school effectively use their data. You can make all the matrices in the world, it doesn't mean they tell you anything useful.

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