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Data task at HOD interview

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by natsu, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. natsu

    natsu New commenter

    Thanks everyone! Very practical advice...MissTrouble - what is ELP?
  2. yousef1

    yousef1 New commenter

    Hey there ...does anyone know about the HoD task that you are sometimes asked to complete at interview?
  3. Star_Teacher

    Star_Teacher New commenter

    Have you ever been asked to analyse data about individual classes in your current school?

    In my experience, the school will give you a class of students most recent assessment data, ask you to identify groups of students, EAL GT FSM and if they are progressing as they should (often colour coded anyway). If not, they want to know what types of intervention that you would run to help support these students, or how you could support their classroom teacher to implement support in lessons.

    So if you are used to using SIMS or equivalent and have done the above for your classes then you should be able to do the above task fine.

    If anyone else had anything else asked of them I would be greatly interested!

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