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Darwin Day

Discussion in 'Personal' started by pole_star, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. <font size="2" face="Arial">It's the great man's 202nd birthday on Saturday 12th February. It's traditional to have a 'Phylum feast' where you eat a meal with foods from as many different phyla as possible. Something to do with Darwin sampling every species he examined!

    I thought I'd surprise the family with something 'unusual' for dinner on the day. My seven year-old, who will normally only eat baked beans or pizza, will be particularly surprised! Apologies to vegetarians, but I'm thinking perhaps crocodile, or kangaroo, or something like that. OH once sampled Armadillo in Belize, which was apparantly very nice, but not the sort of thing you find in your average UK supermarket!

    Any ideas? Preferably something reasonably sustainable</font>
  2. Have found a good supplier in Scotland, order on it's way!
  3. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Why not, instead of rummaging for disgusting stuff, just eat something from every Kingdom?
    Animal, Plant, Fungi, Protoctista, Bacteria. Endless variety.
    Crocodile and kangaroo are in the same Phylum as chicken and beef, why bother. Are there any edible mosses or ferns? MMM yummy nematodes!
    Sounds daft to me.

  4. I just googled phylum feast as I've been having them for a few years now - and have mine ready for Saturday, and thought I'd see if anyone else in the world is having one!
    Am all set for kangaroo, alligator, ostrich, ants, worms, frogs, snails. should be good! My plan is usually that I invite guests to bring a curious beast each (checking with me to avoid duplications) with everyone bringing enough of their beast for everyone to try some of. Usually works quite well!
    I did fancy the oven baked tarantula here: http://www.edible.com/shop/insectivore/oven%20-%20baked%20tarantula%20/ but they have discontinued them. Probably for the best - the wife would have wet herself!
    I've found lots of nice stuff here:http://alternative-meats.co.uk/ and here: http://www.osgrow.com/index_document_1.htm and some less nice stuff here: http://www.edible.com/
    I'm considering a book/comedy project on the ol' phylum feast - I did an Ignite talk last night on it, and insects are a fantastically environmentally-sound choice of diet if you can stomach them....
    Let me know how you get on!

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