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Dapper Drama

Discussion in 'English' started by MrsEvansJones, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. MrsEvansJones

    MrsEvansJones New commenter

    Does seeing "drama" on your Scheme of Work fill you with dread?? Do you sit there the night before without a clue what you are going to do with the little cherubs?? Panic no more...here you will find an ever-growing set of ideas, easily adaptable to any topic/class and for every setting imaginable to answer all your drama dramas.

    Check back regularly for updates and new ideas...
  2. MrsEvansJones

    MrsEvansJones New commenter

    An ideal activity to introduce a unit of work using drama is an RSC trick called "Stop, Go, Clap, Jump" The pupils move around the room, obeying your instructions as you call either stop, go, clap or jump. If they're paying enough attention, swap Stop and Go so they have to do the opposite. If they're particularly awake, swap clap and jump too. The point is to get them listening and thinking so when you move on to the next bit, they're already "in the zone" as it were.

    Once they are happily moving around, intersperse your stop/go/clap/jump with instructions to pair/group up and create a freeze frame around a certain topic from the novel (for example, if you were doing The Tempest, you could do slavery, fathers and daughters, love etc and a larger group activity to make a ship or an island) In between each freeze frame get them moving around again - the joy of this is that they will (hopefully!) end up working with plenty of different people not just their particular friends.
  3. MrsEvansJones

    MrsEvansJones New commenter

    If your class come in from break with tonnes of energy and not much focus, combine these two ideas to bring them back to earth.

    Start with a round of Fruitbowl. With them sat in a circle, assign each pupil apple, orange, pear or banana and have one less chair than there are pupils. Whomever is acting as caller can call any combination of the fruits who then have to get up and find a new seat. If Fruitbowl is called, everyone must change seats.

    After they've run out of energy, calm them and refocus them with a very simple game - stand them in a circle, and using a tennis ball ( or soft volleyball/foam ball,) throw the ball to one person who will then pass it on BUT each person must remember who they caught it from and who they threw it to, as when the round is repeated, they must receive the ball from the same person who originally threw it to them and then pass it on to the same person they originally threw it to. See how fast you can get it in absolute silence (since there is no need to talk!!)

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