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'Dance through the decades'...helpppp!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by marlin, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  2. if want could continue with twist as became more a dance in 60s really or if you want another why not try mashed potato google it and you can find you tubes
  3. could continue twist as 60s too or try googling masthed potato and find you tube videos

  4. This did take me back - last term we were also doing the same topic - but I made them do the Jitterbug with hand holding and everything. They (mixed Y4/5) absolutely hated it for the first few lessons with some refusing to join in but eventually I coaxed them (surprising how they liked it once people were spinning around and the more complex moves were brought in) and we even showed it parents at the end of topic assembly.
    No real advice other than stick with it. They may just surprise you!
  5. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions :) My internet was down over the weekend so ended up not being able to check them!
    I probably won't carry on with the twist as they hated it...but I suggest this first and then they may be happier to do anything else haha! I've decided on 'the Swim' because it's a little bit silly and they can come up with their own swim moves which I'm hoping they'll like doing!
    I saw that 'dance through the ages' video before, it's hilarious! I didn't show it them last week, I was planning on showing it them at the end, but I might pop it on tomorrow to give them a giggle and hopefully get them a bit more excited about dancing.
    Thankyou again :)
  6. Haha oh no! I don't quite dare attempt them to hold hands yet! They did enjoy it at the end, I think they just found it very physically tiring, and I have a very uncoordinated lot - they were falling over all over the place! I'd planned different moves in kind of expecting this, but no, did not help!
    I'm going with 'the Swim' in the hope they will be more into it as they can put all swimming moves in! I think it may be slightly less tiring for them too, and hopefully that may keep them going.
    It was also very unexpected that it was actually the girls who didn't want to dance the most! At the first I had the comments from boys saying 'Miss...isn't this a girl's dance?' to which I offered to show them videos the next morning of males and females doing the twist - after that they were really willing and devised some good little routines. The girls in my class though were incredibly self-conscious and attempting to just sway gently to the music.

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