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Discussion in 'Physical education' started by sophiola, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. For some free (and legal) downloads you could try freeplaymusic.com, AQA actually recommend this site as a lot of it is instrumental and comes in varying lengths.

    You could also try tracks by some of these artists - Hybrid, Kilowatts, Nero, as well as some compliations such as the Michael Price (http://www.musicfordance.com/). They are mostly electronic artists but provide a steady and regular beat and many tracks are longer than the average 3 min pop song. Hope this is helpful :)
  2. Fabulous! Thank you Sophiaola.
  3. Hello
    Paul A. Jackson has a collection of CDs and some of them are specifically for those units and have tracks at the right length.
    For Warm ups I use Cirque du Soliel ,Nitin Sawhney, Adele, Zero 7, Samba Rhythms, Steve Reich, Mr Scruff, Scanner, Leftfield, Moby
    Hope that helps

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