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dance ejay & rap

Discussion in 'Music' started by mazmo, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if there is anybody out there who has schemes/lesson plans for units of work on Dance Ejay and Rap that they would like to share with me!!!
  2. Hi,
    Just wondering if there is anybody out there who has schemes/lesson plans for units of work on Dance Ejay and Rap that they would like to share with me!!!
  3. hi I have a scheme somewhere lol!! I did beat boxing and rap with year 7 used clips from one of the musical expressbooks year 7 which i got for less than a fiver - pupils practised sounds then created rhythms. Then pupils created pieces based on healthy living raps which had a beat boxed section pupils added a riff took about 4 lesson pupils loved the beat boxing examples and clips of how to do it- then using you tube listened to the beatbboxing flute player
  4. tanbur

    tanbur New commenter

    If it's the beatbox flautist video I heard recently, then it's cool! But possibly daunting for students not having established technique.
    I've just seen this video with beatbox songwriting tips from Akala, and put it up on the Tanbur website here:
    This has links to a couple of other interesting vids from BBC Blast. For rap / beatbox / hip hop there's some more internet links you could use on 'Songs 1'.
    Using vocals and beats without any electronic (keyboard / computer?) support is a challenge that many youngsters enjoy. Some will produce sounds immediately. See tutorials on Beatbox TV for inspiration. I haven't used Ejay for this. Keyboards with easily accessible beats possibly produce faster results, eg Yamaha DJX.
    Comments on the 'Tanbur' links are always welcome. The website is maintained solely by myself, full time secondary school music teacher. If anyone has any more interactive music links you are welcome to use 'submit a link' on the blogspot.
    David, Tanbur Admin.
  5. musical structures book 4 has a person beat boxing and then 6 other extracts that use the different sounds the person talks through them as well. In terms of the beat boxing flute player i used that as a listening exercise . This actually promoted kids to enjoy the topic several came back with example they heard
  6. Hi,
    Thanks guys for your great ideas, I really appreciate it!!! I teach in Northern Ireland and the curriculum has changed for Year 9. One of the strands requires me to deliver a unit exploring issues related to 'education for sustainable development'. I thought that I could this via Rap and your ideas have given me a good starting point. Another strand relates to 'employability', so I am going to get the students to look at the music industry and compose a track using Dance Ejay. If you have any more ideas as to how I could write up schemes/lesson plans for these two units that would be amazing!!! Anyway, thanks for getting in touch.
  7. Hi
    I was just wondering if it was Book4 that you got your rap material from that you mentioned earlier in the thread
  8. [​IMG]I would be really grateful to anyone who has a scheme of work using Dance Ejay. Have some ideas but cannot see how they can be used as a whole sche.

    Many thanks
  9. When I bought Dance ejay for school a few years ago there was a scheme of work included in the box! I don't use it in school at the moment, so I haven't looked for some time. Have you checked yours?

    Will try to remember to have another look when I go in later today.
  10. Just spoken to our IT group - apparently we bought it as a site licence, so no teaching resources came with it. Any lesson plans greatly received!!!

  11. Hi Phil,
    I have teaching and pupil resources for Dance eJay but unfortunately have left these at home. I will forward them to you later tonight. [​IMG]
  12. Hey,

    Just looking at this the thread about a scheme of work for Dance Ejay. Did you ever get forwarded one?! If so, is there any chance you could send me a copy,


    Tracy Kew

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