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Dame Claire Tickell review of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by badelf, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. badelf

    badelf New commenter

    Having just read the Tickell review, I have to say I was plesantly surprised and pleased with her proposals. It seems to me she is a no nonsense woman who wants to bring practitioners back to the children and away from the constraints of paperwork. Delighted that she has prosed that the EYFS leads into KS1 curriculum and the whole thing be slimmed down dramatically. Just wondering what other views on the report were? But let's not get too excited, remember the Rose review.....
  2. search earlier posts on this forum and you will see opinions
  3. Have you looked at the proposed 'new' early learning goals?
    Whilst 69 becomes 17, the actual statements contain loads of different things that the child must achieve in order to be given that ELG.
    We won't have less to do, we'll just have to get used to looking at practically all the same stuff whilst getting to grips with it being in a different format, with different words, de-skilling us in effect, from our current position of knowing the EYFS and EYFSP pretty damn well.
    Also did you like the suggestion that government should look further into the need for two adults, that is one teacher and one TA, to work with 30 Reception children? It seems the great Dame believes one teacher could do an equally, or is that adequately good job. Let her come and try that for a week then!!

  4. EXACTLY!!

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