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Daily Teaching hours

Discussion in 'Primary' started by E190BOO, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. I love teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whohoooooooooooooooooo! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It's not the contact time with the children I find difficult. We start at 8.40 and finish at 3.10 with a 15 min morning break and 40 mins at lunchtime. There's staff briefing at 8.30. That's just a busy day. The burden comes with adding the paperwork, marking and planning time onto that. We have planning sheets coming out of our ears - I spend so much time writing the things that the creative, reasearch finding things time is getting more squashed into grabbing the quickest idea - not necessarily the best one. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. What a thread - bizarre 'I'm better than you coz I work longer' attitudes - do we teach children or are we children? Please no more break-downs of hours - boring. My thought always is - does the work I do have a direct beneficial effect on the children I teach? I can mark a pile of 30 books and have a picture of exactly where I need to go next -but then I have to level and sub-level each child to within an inch of my life - moderate and be moderated etc. How much better off are the children in my care? I think they got what they needed before. Also I have the cheek to have three children of my own, and am of the belief that I need to be there in order to raise them. I did not have children so they could be someone else's job and with the amount of time we teachers whine about how little parental involvement we see - then we spend 20 mins a day with our own? Utterly crazy.
  4. What are you complaining about? In FE it is not uncommon to start teaching at 9am and finish at 5.30pm, with 30 minutes at lunch time, and one free period to catch up on admin duties. There are still 'naughty' students, tidying up, lesson planning, marking etc to do. Get real!
  5. Is that all you do? I start school at 7am every morning work through lunch and usually leave the building around 6.15 carrying with me a good 2 hours or so work with me to do at home. Are you a secondary teacher by chance because I'm sure most primary teachers would love the hours you work. Contracts usually dictate that teachers should work a 35 hour week but I have yet to meet a teacher who does any less than 50. I do on average between 60-70.

  6. I think I may design amd make some 'I work harder than you' badges!
  7. I'll make more badges than you! [​IMG]
  8. I'm feeling a version of the Four Yorkshiremen coming on!

    You were all lucky. I have to go to school at 5.30pm and work through till 6.30pm the next day, lick the classroom clean and write one of Paul's Letters to the Corinthians in each pupil's book every day before they come in.

    Anyone got any better?

  9. I had to work Christmas Day last year.
  10. I work in a school as cover supervisor, Librarian and on-call person I get 25mins for lunch and have to carry walkie talkie overwhere
  11. I do pretty much the same plus duty every Monday am and pm and every third Wednesday, plus Schools Improvement meetings mostly once a week plus staff meetings every week plus science and ICTafter school clubs that I have to space out over the year plus parents nights plus massive end of year reports plus keep records of annotated work to prove I am moving the class on, plus hand in reams of planning that is such prose I cant actually use it so join the club - you get chewed up and spat out if you are a teacher.
  12. I also work in FE and start at 8:30am then I'm lucky if I finish before 9pm at night. Marking and other paperwork has to wait students come first and for most after all we are all payed to teach not complain about hours. If you dont like the hours and paper work change career.
  13. My direct teaching hours start at 8.55 till 12 with 1 hour 10 mins for lunch then 1.10 till 3.30.These aren't a problem... I think the bigger issue is the non contact teaching hours, for example after school booster classes, homework catch up for primary kids (Y5 & 6) whose parents can't be bothered to even open their kids book bags, and all the other extras (staff meetings, missed breaks to sort out behaviour / friendship issues etc etc!).
  14. My class come in at 8.35 and we finish at 3.15, with a 15 minute break in the morning and an hour for lunch (which is normally more like 5 mins stuffing a sandwich in my mouth!) I agree with 2 busy (and don't mean to be rude) there are more important things to worry about, I fequently have to miss my PPA for various reasons. This is very similar working day to every other school I have worked in (which is a lot if I include a year of supply teaching) and if anyone has less than that they should consider themselves lucky. If you are concerned about spending more time with your own children why not come in at 7.50am instead of 7.30 or leave 20 mins earlier in the evening?
  15. There must be something wrong with me. I get in at 8am for an 8.50 school start. I do about 20 minutes (10 either end) out of an hour lunchtime and go home between 4 and 5. I do no work at night and a couple of hours at the weekend. I make that about 45 hours max, and maybe a few days over the holidays.

    Maybe I should start a "How little I work" competitive thread.
  16. I am a TA and used to work in an infant school, now it has merged with a junior school to become a primary school. Now ,as I am in the juniors since September I ,with the other members of staff get 45 mins dinner break and start at 8:45 to 15:30.The Infants have 1 hour and has not changed at all. Our dinner are rushed I know how you feel! I think there is a teaching requirement to get the maximum teaching in. In the Infants the assemblies were half hour long now it is 15 mins long to get extra teaching in.
  17. I believe the requirement for lunch is a 'reasonable' time. The NUT maintains this should be an hour baring in mind that teachers have much to do other than just eat lunch!
    Teaching hours are decided by the Head and Governors and come under directed time when you are required to work. All teachers know that this is by no means the extent of their working day but I think your question relates to how you fit in all the things you need to do with so little time in between lessons.
    In my school we start teaching at 8.55 am and finished at 3.15pm. The children have 1 hour 15 mins for lunch which gives us more time than you to prepare, liase, eat etc. We often have working lunch meetings too but always make sure we have food and drink on the table, it's very civilized! In addition the children have 2 x 15 mins breaks a day with teaching staff doing 2 playtime duties a week. Other days it gives a little extra time to prepare. Our TAs are given half a day out of class to prepare resources which we would otherwise have to do and this helps greatly.
    You cannot teach from 8.40 to 3.15 without any break and be effective in the classroom. Also it's not legal! However, I suspect your school can set these teaching hours and you must find a managable way to work to them. It may well be that there are additional pressures for you that mean this is not manageable. If you are a mamber of a union you should contact them for advice. That is what they are there for, it's not confrontational to want to do your job effectively and you clearly care about how you perform as a teacher. Good luck.
    Happy Dippy

  18. ?
    Shalala- what is your secret?! I was quite good today- went into work but told myself I was leaving at around 12- lo and behold, was out of the door at 12.10! The problem is I have loads of work still to do and have had to cancel a meeting with a friend tomorrow to do it.
    I do think I could be more efficient with my use of time; however I am not alone in feeling like I am never on top of the workload.
  19. Oh, I'm never on top of the workload! It's a combination of things that contribute to slashing the workload. I think I've just accepted that fact and prioritise depending on what's the most important thing that day. I have a great head that lets us take our PPA at home because there's nowhere really suitable in school. Also none of us have bitty PPA, it's all a morning or afternoon. And I'm not always the most dedicated teacher so I guess I can let the odd thing slide without feeling too guilty... oops!

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