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Daily Teaching hours

Discussion in 'Primary' started by E190BOO, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Comments like this while food for thought are unhelpful and do not address the orginal posters thread. Maybe you will be able to "swop" with someone (not literally) but then will need to take into account why they are leaving in the first place. If it was so easy then they would not be leaving unless it is promotion.
    Many of us teachers who have been luck enough to be in full time employment are also exhausted and disheartened in many cases. I once had aspirations but they have been beaten out of me and I am just glad to see half term so I can speak to the people I live with.
    Yes I have a regular wage but it is at a price.
  2. Whilst I wish you good luck in your search for work, comments like this are not helpful and do undermine the valid opposition us workhorses have to the now unreasonable workload.
    Maybe we should throw ourselves prostrate to the floor in unending gratitude that we have teaching jobs.
    On a sightly different note, I too have noticed the 'lunchtime duties' expectation creeping in by stealth. Before we know it, this will be the recognised norm. Trust me, folks. That day will come!
  3. The above post was to supermummy btw
  4. I have every sympathy, and it isn't just teachers in the compulsory sector. I retrained as a teacher after 35 years in the NHS and now teach in HE and FE, but at an FE college. I chose to work part time as I retired to do other things. My hours are two long days per week, starting at 8.30 am and finishing at 9pm. this was my choice, as I prefer evenings and I didn't want to be here for more than two days. I get into college at around 7.45am otherwise I can't even get on the car park, and as I am here late, I ain't parking on a dark lonely street.
    My contract is 0.6 WTE, ie 22.2 hours per week. In FE, full time lecturers teach 26 hours per week. technically I should therefore teach 15.6, but at present am teaching 18.75, which is 83% of my total contracted time. This allows no time for researching for my HE courses, marking, prepping and planning or anything else thrown at me such as moderation meetings at the various universities, staff development etc. these are all undertaken in my own time, and then I take time back over the holidays. I work my hours over most of my holidays to get this extra work done.
    I always wanted to teach, but I am thinking that I'll give it a few more years, get my consultancy up and running, then cut loose. Pity really, because most time I really enjoy it, but I do agree, there seems to be a much greater amount of wotk to do even than last year. in addition, we are now having more and more observations and being marked down for not using ICT in the classrooms, when we don't have the facilities!!! how mad is that one then!!1
  5. <font size="4">Cannot believe what I am reading - so what do we want a pat on the back for winning the 'who works the longest day' award. I think we should get a grip, I don&rsquo;t think any of us are in this job for a short days work - but we surely are entitled to question when we think things are not right and that must include the length of the working day. We don&rsquo;t need others to judge us and find us lacking we seem perfectly capable of doing this to each other. well done all of you for extra hours marking, planning etc but think we all know this is a requirement of the job - and just for clarity when are we allowed to question - or in doing so does that make us bad teachers not fit to be in the ranks of the high and mighty I work longer hours and never complain brigade!</font>
  6. Yes most schools have similar hours and the only government ruling regardless of where you work is 30 mins for lunch.
    We start at 8.55 and finish at 3 with an hour for lunch and a break of 15 minutes mid morning and we meet the guidelines for hours worked in infant schools.
    I dont think any teacher ever thinks their lunch time is long enough but I always eat first then prepare for PM if needs be. I rarely keep cildren in at this time as too stressful unless I eat in class and they can watch!
    I personally arrive at work at 8am so prepare for the whole day avoiding the need for this at break. I always mark work before I go home and will often mark at lunch times.
    check NUT for any guidelines on actual hours as I know there are some
  7. *8.40-3.15 with 45 minutes for lunch (if you are not doing anything else) seems quite reasonable! I work in a small school and I have responsibility for literacy, ICT, history, line manange the summer and have recently got the silver award for being an eco-school. I fell I am doing quite enough but ther is the feeling that I should be doing even more!! Pips and squeaking come to mind!
  8. Hi all
    I'm contemplating taking on an ESOL teaching job, which is 9-6 teaching (with one hr for lunch, only 15 mins in am and pm, and with classes of 35-40 ADVANCED students from Asia and Africa. &pound;13 per hour is being offered locally. Mon-Thurs is teaching, and Fri is for team of 5 teachers getting together to plan and do some paperwork. Do you think this is acceptable? Or would I be mad to accept these hours??!

  9. Sounds fine to me. That's about &pound;91 per day if breaks are unpaid. That's &pound;450 per week. Having a planning day with others doesn't happen in most primaries. Advanced students would mean students who at least keen and well behaved and you won't get irrate parents at your day, deal with bullying, playground fights and accidents when Paul or Paula didn't make it to the loo. You'll have no assemblies or parents evenings etc.
    Go for it.
  10. Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear. These are adult students who've already learned English in their own country. Hence, they're very high level. It's 8 hours actual teaching per day, and every single one has to be assessed regularly. They have to do this course under new government guidelines, in order to then go on to do e.g. an IS or Nursing course with the same private college. 8 hrs teaching per day at this level sounds pretty hard to me ... but I've not done it before so perhaps it's not???
  11. It is worth a try though. These students will bring with them a wealth of life experiences and will be very interesting people. Ok it may not be "easy" but then no teaching job is and we all work for much longer than we get "paid" for (hence the loop hole of 1265 hours PLUS any additional hours deemed necessary to do the job).
    I would definately give it ago. It is more than agencies pay its supply teachers. If anything it will be rewarding. My mums cousin has done this (taught English as an additional language) and she has made friends from all around the World. Some of her students are asslym seekers and desperate to learn English in order to survive. She has made friends with many, has them to evening meals and supported their families in settling in. She has learned to cook many dishes from around the World with their help and has a few words in many languages. It was a humbling experience on times and while she has many happy stories she has sad ones too of people leaving terror and poverty. Your students are unlikely to fall into these catergories.
    Treat it as broadening your horzions and it may open doors you thought were closed. The World is changing and many employers would be keen to employ someone who taught others whom English was not their mother tongue.
  12. Tx ??
    I've completed my intensive CELTA in August. I've been on placement for a private company for the last 4 weeks, and I've been teaching beginners/elementary and lower intermediate/intermediate. Classes of up to 15. So this would be a huge jump for me. But maybe you're right. Take the chance! I do love teaching these people - they are extremely interesting and very sweet. I've travelled a fair bit, and this has been a career change for me at a late age, so I can do something I, personally, enjoy for a change!! I think the fact that they'll be such large classes is what's freaking me out a bit!
  13. Oh if we could all have your hours! Which school are you at?
    I too am in before 7.30am, do a playground duty, spend lunchtime preparing for the afternoon session then have less than 25 minutes to eat lunch before the children return. After school finishes it takes time to clear away resources, prepare the classroom for the next day, liaise with staff at meetings and maybe if on a good day, collect resources ready for the next day! Marking always comes home...

    Always leave yourself time to eat with colleagues in the staff room, give sanctions which you can cope with and are in line with your school discipline policy and be clever with your planning of resources.
  14. It's not primary, it's adult advanced English students.
  15. I'm an HLTA and work from 8.20 - 3.30 not including two after school clubs and the school website which I run. I get 30mins for lunch (if I'm lucky ) which was frequently taken up uploading photos for the website or sorting any ICT probs or just trying to eat and photocopy stuff/sort out generally. Now I stop and sit for at least 20 mins otherwise I'd go mad. So no I can't see that your hours are unjust. You just need to really strict with yourself and tell people , this is my break time, any probs will have to wait. Alternatively actually go out of the school grounds for a walk if possible for half an hour - even sitting on the field does you good.
  16. Tx but it's not a school. It's a private college with adult students - see previous notes.
  17. The confusion is arising because this is a primary school forum.
  18. by law you have to work a minimum of 195 days in school and for those days thay are alowed to direct you to work up to 1265hours this includes dutys and meetings and directed time i.e. parents evenings. brake is also counted as directed time therfore the head can make you do suty or something else in that time. although lunch is your own time and you cann't be asked to do anything in lunch time. you are expected to be inschool 10mins befor ethe kids and 10mins after the end of the day but that is it. hope this help.

  19. oops...didn't realise it was a primary forum - sorry!

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