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Daily Teaching hours

Discussion in 'Primary' started by E190BOO, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. I have recently moved to a new school only to find that the teaching hours run from 8.40 to 3.15 per day with 45 mins only for lunch. This is more hours than I have ever worked in 4 schools and I wondered how Heads set the daily hours - is there a minimum/maximum requirement? Please help - I don't want to do more than is necessary and 45 mins for lunch is hopeless I barely get a bite of my sandwich after I have tidied up, dealt with naughty children and got things ready for the afternoon.
  2. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    I start school at 7.30 (my choice). have morning duty 2 times a week, break duty 2 times a week. Lunch hour is 1 hour but often only get 20 mins ater sorting the morning, dealing with children and preparing for afternoon (do as much marking as poss so I don''t have to stay too late or take it home. Do bus duty every day, staff meeting once a week, club one evening a week. I am ok with this.
    Personally I need more than 20 minutes before the children arrive. I honestly cannot see your problem. I am not having a go, as my children would say, but I don't fid these hours exessive.

  3. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Sorry a stinking cold muffling brain
    Find these and after sorting [​IMG]

  4. The Head and Governors usually set the hours and there are guidelines for them. There is definitely a minimum they must make sure they are meeting. We work very similar hours and have a 45 minute lunch break too. KS1 have two breaks, one 20 minute and one 15 minute in the day, KS 2 have just one 20 minute break. We start at 8:45 and finish at 3:05. Don't think there will be much you can do about your hours! Sorry!
  5. I also start school at 7.30 and do several duties including bus duty. I think you have misunderstood my query. The details I gave earlier related to the time that I am expected to teach my class in a day. In my last school I taught for a total of 5 hrs 15 minutes a day not including preparation, meeting or duty time. In this school I teach for a total of 5 hrs 35 a day which amounts to an extra 1 hr 40 mins a week. I don't receive any more pay so why should I accept this?
  6. You teach for 20 mins less than me a day - why should I accept this?
  7. If it's any help - our school day is 5 hours 35 mins too! This is similar to all other schools I have worked in or have friends working in.
  8. What about all those years you worked for less hours a week than me? You don't hear me griping about it! It's called life.
  9. I think you'll find that you actually work 5 hours 25 mins a day if you take into account your break as I did (KS2).
    I was genuinely asking for some factual reference with regard to the teaching hours in a day and I have found your comments both rude and unhelpful. I thought this forum was a constructive place for discourse. Please keep your ignorance to yourself.
  10. You don't have to accept it, the last date for handing in your resignation is 31 October to leave at Christmas.
  11. It's a fair question! Practice varies widely. So, exactly what is the statutory requirement of hours in school for KS2 children? The rudeness of some posters is almost unbelievable - if you don't know the answer then refrain from abuse please!
  12. Directed time for teachers is for 1265 hours a year. This covers teaching and a whole lot of other things. How much time is spent teaching is, I think, down to individual schools. You get paid for doing the full set of hours not for how long you spend actually teaching. Not that 1265 hours comes anywhere near the hours we all do but that's what our pay is based on.
  13. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    There is no statutory maximum or minimum - there is 'guidance' on a minimum and this was set quite some years ago.
    I don't think anyone was actually abusive. They are somewhat nonplussed to find you complaining when they teach as much or more than you. In any case, all you can do, having accepted the post, is resign if you don't like it, since no law is being broken.
  14. I agree with Edwardlynn posters who are looking for a genuine answer to an issue they are concerned with, should not be responded to in what I see, is a rude manner. The hours may seem trivial to some of you but may be causing a real concern to the poster.
  15. Surely the Op looked into all aspects of the school before applying for and accepting the post, the school hours are usually to be found in the school prospectus or on the website. I didn't think the answers, even mine (and given the time I was replying, this was a miracle), were rude, just bemused! teaching hours might vary, and this is a decision for the school and governors, but directed time doesn't, its swings and roundabouts surely?
  16. You are joking, right? [​IMG]
    You have a job, which many people do not. Stop whingeing and get on with it.
  17. sketcher

    sketcher New commenter

    Our head changed our working hours a couple of years ago. Insisting that the children start at 8:45 instead of 8:55. We had no choice over this. I presume there must be some ruling over the amount of directed time we have to work however if you are really concerned and unsure perhaps you could contact your union. :eek:)
  18. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    I had no intention of being rude. I was genuinely perplexed by the question.[​IMG]
  19. I am not whinging. I am extremely grateful for my job and work very hard as we all do.
    The thing is I like to know the facts.
    At what point can we say the teaching day is too long? There must be some guidance over and above the 1265 hours of directed time? Supposing a head proposed a school day of 8 - 4? Would we just have to get on with it?

  20. l
    Thank you for this. It may only sound like 20 minutes to some but that is still a very precious 20 minutes that I used to spend with my own children at the end of each day.

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