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daily rate of pay

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pwtin, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. pwtin

    pwtin Star commenter

    I am considering joining another agency .Select Education is one I am thinking about .Can anyone tell me their daily rate of pay? best to know these things before I register ,as in the past I have found agencies to be reluctant to speak of such things until all paperwork is done .I am m6 and receive £110 from one agency .Thanks

  2. pwtin

    pwtin Star commenter

    I am considering joining another agency .Select Education is one I am thinking about .Can anyone tell me their daily rate of pay? best to know these things before I register ,as in the past I have found agencies to be reluctant to speak of such things until all paperwork is done .I am m6 and receive £110 from one agency .Thanks

  3. I am M6 and get £150 and various tax allowances aswell!!! I think when you join a new agency, you need to go in and aim high in the case of wages........they are only going to say yes or no.
  4. Your daily rate should be based on where you are on the pay school. Personally, I would not touch any agency that offered me "a rate".Find out what YOUR rate should be and don't work for any agency that wants a slice. It does not have to be like that. You have to be a touch more pro active but it is preferable in the long term.
  5. sorry - typo. Meant "pay scale" not "pay school".
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you register with the LEA supply list and/or apply to schools direct (hence getting paid through the LEA), your daily rate (outside London and Fringe areas) will be £154 + a few pence per day and you will be able to contribute to the teacchers' pension.
    You could also apply to go through Threshold (via the LEA supply register) .
    With agencies, you get whatever they feel they can get away with!
    Back in 2004 Select offered me £120 per day. I kept turning down their offers of work as I could almost guarantee getting work for the LEA at £122 per day. After a two minute call with Select, the advisor changed my rate to £122.
    Supply work is not as plentiful these days so you'll have to decide how much you will accept if you need to be kept as fully employed as possible. Personally, I'd rather do 2 days at £154 per day than 3 days or more at £100 per day.
    Update your CV and send it to all the schools in your travel-to-work area- get the addresses or emails off the internet or from the phone book. I did that in 2006 and secured a 12 month full-time post, then a 6 month f/t post in another subject at the same school and then general supply as and when from last Sept to date. I fill in with odd days offered by another LEA's nominated agency (Reed education in Lancashire is called the LTA- LANCASHIRE TEACHING AGENCY for the LEA paid work it allocates).
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    tHAT SHOULD SAY ..Back in 2004 Select offered me £100 per day!
  8. LEA supply pools pay to scale however LEA supply pools seem to be going off the radar screen.
    In my area no LEA supply pool- so I can forget all that pay to scale stuff.
    Zillians of agencies most of them naff-paying dreadful rates however the low payers have more work.
    I am M6 and I work for 135 a day. I work with three quality agencies.
    When the work is flat then I recruit another agency. At first contact on the phone I say my bottom line rate. I tell them I am very experienced at the supply game and never rufuse a booking. I talk the supply game on the phone, so they realise it is not amateur night. I say no point either party wasting their time me or them (I am always polite) as I can get so much work on lower rates I would prefer to work 3-4 days on good rates than 5 days on naff rates.
    If they do not think my 135 rate is reasonable as the schools cannot afford it then I say politely no probs I cant afford it either.
    Agency work is a commercial business if they can get you for cheaper they are only doing their job to do so.
    Negotiation and bluff and bluster.
  9. pwtin

    pwtin Star commenter

    I am with one agency that pays to scale , but recently have been getting little work from them .I assumed that the daily rate I have been getting was everyones rate regardless of their scale at this particular agency .So infact everyone is on a different daily rate?
  10. If an agency pays to scale they will run out of business pretty quickly . . . unfortunately
    for us . . . . .
    Zillians of cavalier low payers (agencies) in my area, I can just about get away with not working with them.
    Schools think they are playing a smart negotiating game by negotiating with low paying agencies. With so many bottom line agencies the schools can pick and choose among the market forces.
    Unfortunately it is our pay rates which are happily negotiated away!

  11. pwtin

    pwtin Star commenter

    I am an old hat at supply myself on and off since 02.It has been on my mind to negotiate a higher pay rate recently.My pay varies from being paid to scale and then to £110 ,I suppose I am wary of being too expensive to employ and getting fewer offers of work as a result.The agency that pays to scale pays for 5 hrs work regardless of whether you work 8.50 -3.30, or 9-3 , and this bugs me as well.
  12. How do i ask for pay rise? I have an issue with starting off the conversation...with the agency, I am on £110, guaranteed pay scheme in Hampshire.
  13. I do not think an agency will ever up a pay rate. I would just look for another agency and play your experience as a negotiating lever for a better rate.
    Easter is coming up 2 weeks off. Good time for arranging new agency deals. If you do not get any work from a new agency always worth going in bluff and bluster anyway!
    You register with the new agency. Do not pay for a new CRB if you have a recent one. If you have one tell them it will do and you are not paying for a new one.
    Then make the odd courtesy call to see what is cooking. Courtesy calls are best made when you are working and not desperate.
    Agencies are more likely to up their rates when they know you are getting regualar work. As good as a reference is plenty of supply work!
  14. You, sir, are being soundly ripped off. You know it, You are allowing it. 5 hours work regardless? Are you ever going to make a stand? My God the teaching profession doesn't half need a kick in the rear.
  15. Supply and demand is the key here! It all depends where you live and how much supply is available.
    I did manage to negociate a rise of £10 with my agency up to £130 after I'd been with them a year, saying they must have had good reports about me and how professional I was. However I began to wonder if I'd priced myself out of the market - ( I can occasionally earn £165+ for county work bit it has all but disappeared in my area of Worcestershire now and I have to rely on agency work). Shortly after this I noticed work was diminishing for me and I believed that the agency were giving work to cheaper paid cover supervisors because that was who the schools were asking for as they are cheaper.
  16. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    You can get agencies to up your rate if you have been worth it. I went from £100 to £110 with one and from £110 to £125 with another about 6 months after I started.
  17. marthauk

    marthauk New commenter

    I did supply as a PE instructor (unqualified) I started on £90 a day but then every term/half term I emailed them and stated that I would like an increase in pay (nothing too extreme, like an extra £5 a day) and why (because I'm bloody marvellous at my job!) and they just upped it without haggling. I went off and did my teacher training and now doing supply for my nqt year and I am getting £125 a day which is about a M 4 on the pay scale. I have thought about emailing them again but with the increase in wage would prob only get gobbled up in taxes...

    I found that if your reasonable with the agency they can be quite reasonable back.

    best of luck!
  18. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    I have decided to do supply work until September when I start a new job. I have just joined an agency who have offered me £90. They said they pay between 80 and 100. I am M2. Is this too low?
  19. Does anyone know (approximately) what rates a Primary NQT can earn in the midlands as a supply teacher? Can anyone recommend any good agencies?
  20. I get M6, £154.61, when working directly for some local schools or through a placement aency in a nearby county, paying through the LEA. I get about 5.25 hours, about £125, when working direct for nearby schools paying hourly rate. I earn £120 a day for a private agency if I work locally, but £135 from different branches of the same agency if I travel a bit (30-40 miles).
    Recently I have been getting about three days a week through M6 to-scale pay, plus two days through the private agency.

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