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daft questions from first time mummy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Wylfie, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Wylfie

    Wylfie New commenter

    Ok so the big day is rapidly approaching - eek!
    Just a couple of boringly practical questions:
    What's the best type of sanitary towel to use straight after having the bub?
    What should i use (if anything) to wash me bits when i've just had the bub - assuming all is straightforward obviously :)
    Also am planning to breastfeed but in case it doesn't work out what formula milk would you recommend I get in reserve?

    Many thanks xxx
  2. 1 - Don't get sanitary towels, but do use maternity towels. Sanitary towels often have odour-control chemicals in them and they can really irritate you down there, particularly if you end up with stitches.
    2 - Just water, but something like Femfresh is good as it is ph balanced for your bits so doesn't irritate them. Definitely not showergel/soap.
    3 - You could get a couple of the small ready-made cartons - it's not really important which formula you get as they're all much the same.
    Good luck!
  3. As mossop said but for 2. I put some tea tree oil in the bath to help with stitches and also in a spray bottle when going to the loo.
  4. You may need to use more than one maternity towel at a time. They're not very leakproof so I used a normal towel with wings underneath them some of the time which was okay for me.
    A jug of warm water by the loo is helpful. Wee stings tears. Warm water as you wee dilutes that and makes it okay. Wee is an antiseptics so you don't need tea tree but sounds nice and would smell nice!
    I wouldn't worry about getting formula in because the midwives will watch you carefully over the first 10 days and are used to sorting out and advising you on interventions if anything goes wrong. If you've got past 10 days you'll probably have enough warning that things are going wrong to get to the shops.
  5. Can I just add that you need to get large pants? Maternity knickers are a bit rubbish (I couldn't pull them up without ripping them) so I got biiiiiig, cheap pants to throw away afterwards. Amazing how much blood comes out!
    Don't use normal towels for after the birth. Definitely definitely use proper maternity pads. I was told it's like a heavy period - it's not, it's 9 months of blood, goo and gunk coming out. I went through 3 packets in total, plus a few packs of normal pads, even though I had a c-section. Don't scrimp on the pads.
    Good luck! Remember you're never really too far from a shop if you need something!
  6. Wylfie

    Wylfie New commenter

    aww thanks for all the help-really useful.

    Part B of the questions just occurred to me-what do i really need to take in my hospital bag-for me and for baby?!

  7. The other thing about maternity bricks, erm i mean towels, is that they don't absorb as well as sanitary towels which is good (!) as they want you to keep track of what comes out soon after the birth and will ask you what colour/any clots etc. Nice!
  8. If you do a search on here for "hospital bag" you'll find a few threads on it with some great ideas.
    Re: maternity pads - Tesco ones were great and only £1/pack. However, in hospital they gave me these ENORMOUS, and I do mean ENORMOUS, non-stick pads that were super thick and long - I nicked a handful to take home with me for the first couple of days until things calmed down a bit. If there is a next time I'll be buying some of these to take with me/have at home for the first few days.
    Plain water is good but tea tree oil and warm water in a squirty bottle was great (had a small number of stitches), plus putting tea tree oil and lavender in a shallow bath and bathing every day helped heal up. I also put witch hazel gel on the pads to ease the soreness and help along the healing process - very soothing!
    Second the big pants - the supermarkets all do plain black pants in packs of 5 for half nothing, or Primark.
  9. Hospital bag, going to second the big pants..Esp if you have a c-section.. I had some cheap primark big ones, but they still sat on the scar and my mum came in with some SEXY m and s granny pants. No pants are too big!!!!
    Comfortable trousers to go home in- worth getting some cheap jogging bottoms from Primark.... In a dark colour just in case! Mine were 2 sizes bigger than pre-preg size.

    A couple of nighties/PJs which have easy access.... you never know how long you will be in.
    Phone and camera
    Energy drink and snack- snack for husband.
    Flannel and cold water spray/fan... You will be <u>hot!!!!!!</u>
    Ipod/music, magazines. etc- you may get bored.
    Toothpaste etc

    Baby- nappies, scratch mits (or find sleepsuits with inbuilt scratchmits, eg Next), cotton wool, clothes, hat,

    There have been quite a few threads on bags in the past.

  10. I was there for a while and got quite sweaty and stuff so more than one nightie. I second the big knickers - OH had to be sent to M&S to get me some as had c-section and I lived in them for 8 months as normal pants inrritated the scar. Baring in mind OH has never bought me underwear it was a bit scary for him! Mars bar for once you have given birth - highly recommend. Flip flops for walking around in and going to toilet. Charger for phone etc - you don't know how long you will be in for. Cash for the tv etc.
  11. MLT


    Just on the formula. I had to go back into hospital with my little one a day after we were discharged. The hospital asked me to give her a couple of formula feeds and suggested Aptamil as they considered it closer to breast milk. I did take in a SMA in my hospital bag,just incase I was not able to breast feed but was fine.
    The other post was right, they will keep an eye on you regarding breast feeding so don't worry.
    Good luck
  12. no joke! I remember thinking that I might not have had a period for 9 months but was more than making up for it!

    for washing my bits (lol - its all so glam, isn't it!?!) I bought some cheap flannels so i could throw them away - was nice to not have to worry about washing etc

    I too just bought big pants - cheap primark ones and again this means you can just chuck them after and not worry about it! Tea tree oil works well
  13. p.s. good luck! its not that bad - really! (and you soon forget!) I have a one year old and am expecting again later this year, so it can't be that bad! [​IMG]
  14. Seconded about the Tesco maternity pads - they were definitely the best I tried. Chocolate also!
    I know people say you get really hot, but there were times when I was shivering and would really have liked a fleecy blanket (the hospital sheets did not fit the bill)
    I had lavender oil in the bath with stitches and they healed pretty quickly.

  15. Husband whose watching football, just said to me 'why don't you go on your pregnancy forum thing'... so I did. Now after reading this.. I'm scared now... did NOT think about what happens after the birth when planning for a baby!! Lol
  16. lol Dannii, there's a lot you don't get told! Thank God for the internet! [​IMG] I bled heavily for about a week after the birth, then it was just like a very light period for 5 weeks after.
    Really, it's not so bad. None of us would do it again if it was! x
  17. ...phew! Because I really would like to have a second or third child after!
  18. 8 weeks on I'm still not sure I would [​IMG] but it is true that you forget and the end product is so, so worth it (especially after those insane first few weeks). Even if she still won't bloody smile at me!
  19. I didn't find the bleeding that bad really, a heavy period- but mine are heavy anyway so I'm used to it!
    Try not to worry too much, once that baby is flopped out on your chest, thats all you care about`And I watch 'one born every minute' and think I can do that.....
  20. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Similarly, i bled heavily for about a week then lightly, on and off towards the end, for 2.5 weeks then it totally stopped. I used the thick maternity pads for the first week, then some slim ones (from Boots) after that.
    Exactly! I am 29 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, and I haven't been put off my experiences with my first!

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