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Daddy Day Care

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Ibuzzybea, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    OH MY GOOOODNESS- horrified on so many levels. Heart in throat!
  2. Hettys

    Hettys New commenter

    It's Tv. They were set up to fail.........otherwise where's the story??
  3. Alternatively, "I have a penis and I can't possibly be in a caring profession". There is an increase in the number of men entering the nursing profession nowadays in Australia. My son is one of them. Somebody did ask me if he was gay - he isn't. Another woman asked what his dad thought about him joining the nursing profession. Is this prejudice or what? He loves his job; the kids at the children's hospital where he works love 'that doctor'!! So sad that men are looked on with suspicion in a caring profession. When my boys were young I always employed male babysitters when I was going out. And my sons became babysitters when they were in their teens, .. and sports coaches, .. and mentors to the next generation. No wonder there are such pitifully poor numbers of men who enter the teaching profession if this is what they are up against. BTW I used to have a male EA - he was excellent.

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