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Dad not well, no idea what's wrong

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by sel_chick, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. My dad hasn't been right for some time and it's really starting to worry me.
    He's constantly tired and has little to no appetite. He took about 3 mouthfuls of his tea tonight and gave up. This isn't unusual.
    My mum says he also has recurring colds, is visiting the loo more frequently and has a very short temper.
    He and my mum have recently had some work done to the house, and he was incapable of helping my mum move furniture/books etc. Carrying one load of books from one room to another was too much for him.
    He's been to the doctor numerous times, but is getting nowhere. Apparently they've done a whole load of tests that are all coming back as negative. Of course, he is telling my mum that, and I sometimes wonder if that's the truth or if he has actually been to the doctor at all...
    I've searched his symptoms online, and the only thing I can come up with is diabetes. Now this could be a possibility, but surely that would have come up on tests done at the doctors? Mind you, if he hasn't actually been...
    I don't expect anybody to give me a diagnosis, and we'll keep encouraging him to go back to the doctor until we get a plausible answer, but it's been months now and I'm looking for some suggestions as to what folk think the problem might be.
    He's 67 and retired last summer. I'm hoping it might just be the whole stopping work / being in the house all the time, but i'm getting concerned that it might be something more serious that he'd be better off dealing with now before it gets any worse.
    Thanks for any advice / suggestions that you can give.
  2. It sounds as if your mum doesn't go to the doctor's with him. That's what I've done when my OH has been putting it off and I'm worried. Could you suggest to her that she insists?
    Has he had prostate tests? As you say, recent retirement might be a contributory feature, but it's certainly not the only thing by the sound of it.
  3. Thanks for your replies.
    I had wondered about depression myself mrs mo...
    My partner is away so my folks are looking after the dog during the day and feeding me every evening. I knew my mum had been worried about my dad, but i hadn't really seen how bad he had got for myself until this week.
    Think it's maybe time for me to be a bit forceful...
    Thanks again x

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