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D205 scheme of work

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by phli shuff, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, we are looking ar introducing D205 gaming in dida. Does anyone have a scheme of work that they could share?


  2. cj3


    Well you don't really need a scheme of work because the SPB tells you what tasks you need to do. But for game making you should probably do some tutorials in the software first. What software are you plannint to use?
  3. We are planning to use Missionmaker which is fine just that we need to provide SOW for every unit as we move into new academy status. Do you have anything?
  4. cj3


    I think there are some teacher resources on the MissionMaker web site. For me - I would always want to show them the capability of the software before I start. The danger with MM is that its characters, settings etc are very finite - and to try to create a coherent game story using the weird mix of characters and objects in MM is quite hard in practice.
    So - a SOW might go like this - play and evaluate/ deconstruct some MM games/missions
    Do some tutorials so you know how to use the software well.
    Look at all the assets in the software - characters, objects etc and then create a storyline which makes use of those assets - and which meets the requirements of the SPB.
    Create your game
    Test and refine your game.
  5. Phil,

    Just posted this as I will also be takling DiDA D205 in September. It is difficult as no exemplars have been provided to identify the level to aim for.

    How far did you get with your SOW. Mission Maker is not my most prefered option as creating primary content is limited. Scratch, Game Maker Pro and possibly Unity was my initial thoughts.



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