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D203: Graphics - anyone up for swapping examples?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by BoDarville, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. BoDarville

    BoDarville New commenter

    - DiDA Unit 3: Graphics.
    This is the first time that I have taught and assessed this unit.
    Having been very harshly moderated for D202 (for the first time ever in my career) I am now quite nervous about whether I am getting my marking right (correction...whether I am my marking is going to be the same as an Edexcel moderator).
    I wondered if anyone else was doing D203: Take It Away and would be up for sharing some examples of students work with me? I'd like to swap a few products and see if we agree on marks, or maybe we could swap an entire ePortfolio.
    I've asked Edexcel if they could offer any further guidance and they said no, apart from saying that I could register for OSCA and that would give me access to some exemplar work for a different SPB, which isn't a great deal of help. I also did the online training course in assessment for this unit back in November and I found that pretty useless too.
    Anyone in a similar position and fancy some collaboration?

  2. Direct message me with your email address & school details and I'll send you some guidance and potentially some previously moderated work.
  3. Hi - I don't know if anyone is nearing the end of this but I would like to moderate with others if anyone else is up for it? (as I am pretty clueless too) I am worried about some of our A*'s being marked down. Thankyou
  4. Hi,
    We are currently doing D203 take it away project.
    if possible can you please send me exmaples of logos, shop front, elevation that student designed.
    much appreciated
    my email: rahmed@royaldocks.newham.sch.uk
    kind regards
  5. BoDarville

    BoDarville New commenter

    Hi,I got on very well with this unit in the end - I enjoyed teaching it, the kids enjoying studying it and the exam board made no adjustment to my marks through moderation! Hooray. All of my students achieved good marks, although I didn't award any A* grades (a small class, though). I do have some examples and am happy to swap these with examples that others have. If anyone is interested in that kind of reciprocal arrangement, let me have an e-mail address and we'll get the ball rolling, so to speak...

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