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D&T staff meeting

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jonotjoe, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. jonotjoe

    jonotjoe New commenter


    I am a D&T subject leader in a primary school. I am looking for recommendations for good websites providing D&T resources and planning. I have a really good skills framework which shows progression across the school but wondered whether there are any websites that show examples of work- i.e how an evaluation develops across the primary school. Or examples of good units of work (in planning format or samples of work).

    Any good websites really! I do use the D&T association website regularly but am not currently a member. This is an option to purchase membership if there are perks. Are there any members? Is it worth the fee?

    Thankyou in advance!
  2. Lala24

    Lala24 New commenter

    The D and T Association sell a complete pack of KS1 and 2 planning called Projects on a Page for about £70 and you don’t have to be a member to buy them. Really good units, based on the old QCA units. Their computing/Stem units for KS2 are great. It comes as a download when you buy it. It’s not split into individual lessons but into 1)investigate and disassemble, 2)practice a skill, 3)design and make task, 4)evaluate. The kids are really enjoying the units.

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