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D&T Pjoject schemes of work

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Shazrob, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Hi I have been teaching food now for 2 years no problem, this year I have been told I have got to teach, graphics to Year 8 and textiles and graphics to year 9. I have no idea where to start, I have been told I am teaching the Hat project to year 9 textiles. But I dont know what graphics to teach either year 8 or 9. If anyone can help me get started it would be much appreciated, I have got no scheme of work, worksheets or any idea.
  2. First thing to do is to show this to your Head of Faculty, it is their responsibility to make sure they are in place.

    Have a look at


    many of us have sent work there. If you are still stuck, post again with an email address and I'll send a few ideas. If you have to teach it now, start with either a CD case or a travel game, not fantastic ideas, but they will get you started.
  3. Hi, I know what its like when your told 'right, you now must teach X, Y and Z this year' Its awful. The SOW i've taught to years 8 and 9 in textile and graphics are pretty easy to teach. Graphics in Y9 we got them to design a PS2 or game cover using desktop publishing software and in year 8 we've done a boardgame and in textiles, a pencil case (but i didn't like that one) and year 9 pop art cushions with printing and applique etc.

    Hope those ideas are a start.
  4. thanks for your help any ideas can be sent to me at sharann@sky.com
  5. I wouldnt mind looking at some of the schemes of work you may have for graphics which I would be able to adapt to suit, if anyone wouldnt mind sending me there hard earned sow please send them to me at sharann@sky.com many thanks for all your help
  6. Hi Will

    It isn't much use posting on the back of someone elses' post which is about something different. I would suggest you start again using a new thread. Also try


    Sorry, the answer to qn1 is, I wouldn't buy one, so the rest of the answers would be useless. Good luck with the project.
  7. I really recommend surveymonkey.com. I posted a thread back a few months ago, about how this website has improved the research aspect of a GCSE project for my students but more to the point it as added ICT, fun and no made up answers!!!

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