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***d off!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Loony tunes, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Had a phone call from my agency at 8.50 this morning to work in a local school. I've done 2 days in the school at the start of term and have twice been booked to work there, only to then be cancelled shortly before.
    Anyway, the consultant did the whole its a late call, get there ASAP so I bombed it there and arrived at 9.05. Noone let me in when I went to the main reception so I had to wander round to find a way in. When I did get in, there was a lot of confussion about where I was supposed to be and when I finally got to the secretary, she said there'd been a mix up and I was only needed for half a day. Not great but OK. Anyway, after another 10/15 minutes of people getting annoyed with each other, one of the other teachers called the deputy out of his class and suggested that either I should be given the whole day or asked to come back in the afternoon when she had to got elsewhere. This resulted in the deputy deciding that they infact didn't need me and sending me home!! By this point I'd been there for nearly 1/2 an hour and he didn't even bother to apologise or thank me for coming. How rude!! It was his mistake, he should have at least given me the mornings work. As it stands now, I'm really mad and no pay for today!!! He wouldn't like it if he'd been asked to go to work only to then be told he wasn't wanted!!
  2. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Sorry - just had to let off steam and all my friends actually have jobs and so are working! Am getting V fed up with this supply lark and can't see myself sticking at it much longer!
  3. Hey, I feel exactly the same as you.
    I am an NQT my first year doing supply and similar thing happened to me last week, I arrived at the school (was to do a TA job) and no-one in the school office, had to wait for someone to arrive and let me in, they sent me to the staffroom and I am sat waiting. The head came and she took me to nursery explaining I was there for the morning and in reception in the afternoon. The nursery teacher looked completely baffled as if she didnt expect me at all and then she started to ring around to see if any other class needed me. So I ended up in the juniors for the morning and reception in the afternoon. Just felt totally unwanted and started to think 'Im the one doing you the favour, you should show me respect.'
    Nearly all of my friends have jobs as teachers as well and its really getting me down as well, keep thinking what else could I do, its not fair.
  4. ooh! How bloody annoying! I would plead for some compensation (or at least a promise of more/better work) from the agency for your wasted time and effort!!

    I'm fed up too- agency have given me a few half days in last few weeks but nothing like enough or anywhere near as much as they promised. They also seem to give me Year 6 often which is ok but much more of a challenge as a supply than the younger classes.

    I've also had seven interviews since the summer and still have no job! I seem to get good feedback each time and very little positive advice for next time. Have just phoned the one and only temp teaching vacancy school to arrange the 'obligatory' pre-application viewing and was told that some pupils would be happy to show me around tomorrow. I sniff a 'non-vacancy' again and am tempted to cancel the viewing so as not to waste a possible days' supply. Can the pupils really tell me what the current initiatives are in the school and what their assessment policy is/curriculum structure etc???

    It's good to rant!
    Hope your day gets better and thank you for your replies to my earlier posts!
  5. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    I do feel for you, it is so frustrating when that happens.
    I really do feel that you should be badgering your agency for some kind of compensation though. The same thing happened to me once, and I was sent home, though the agency agreed to pay me for half a day (it was a full day booking) as a gesture of goodwill.
    If you explain the situation to your agency, they might do the same, especially if you say (little white lie coming up!) that you turned down a day's work you were offered elsewhere, to do this job.

    Some schools are just hopeless; there's one in particular which I go to regularly, usually to find for the first 20 mins or so that no-one seems to know which class I have been booked for! Luckily, my agency know as well as I do exactly how dis-organised they are, and I just expect it when I arrive now, and take advantage of those extra few minutes to enjoy a coffee in the staff-room!
  6. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Thanks guys, have eaten chocolate and your replies have made me feel better. I just don't understand how schools can be so rude and incompetent! At least I now have time to fill in an application form that has to be in tomorrow but the job is miles away and theres bound to be someone lined up for the job!
  7. That does seem very rude - the problem is if you rant too much they may overlook you another time and you need the work!

    Agree with the earlier posts, politely point out how much time you wasted and how much it has cost you, you may get at least something for your time.
  8. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    It would be interesting to know if the agency still charges the school for finding them a teacher even if he teacher isn't actually needed. If the agency does get some form of payment then the supply should get a share of this to compensate for loss of earnings and travel costs.
  9. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Great point satnav - I bet they do. I was shocked to find out last week that this particular agency give points to schools every time they use the agency and the unit I was in told me they'd just collected enough points to have a "free" tv and dvd player!!! That'll be why they charge the school so much yet pay me so little!
    I would love to kick up a fuss but the until last week, that agency hadn't given me any work for over a month so I don't feel I can rock the boat. I've got no work again today and have just had a good cry down the phone to my mum (who being the sweetheart she is, had just posted me a chocolate advent calendar, despite the fact I'm 26!)
  10. i am so aghast at the way not only some schools treat supply staff like yourselves but agencies doing the same...i am SO lucky never any problems with mine they are so professional always on the ball pay over the odds and get me so much work its unbelievable so hey guys give Julie at Academic Appointments a call in West Yorkshire a call and tell her biggles sent you or andy as i am really. i have had work everyday since a year last september!! and its still coming..they specialise in long term bookings but do day to day as well and then will and can find permanent work for you if you want one as they have such good relationships with schools. good luck everyone.
  11. I've got a chocolate advent calendar too, have one ever year, also posted by my Mum and I'm older than 26! Mums are great! Enjoy your chocolate, I'm sure it will work out for you.
  12. You poor thing! Yes it has happened to me too. Luckily I had phoned the school to find out about the class etc first. I could tell there was something wrong from the way the secretary reacted.If you are like me you will have already spent the money before you get it, which makes it much worse!The agency I was working for was also cross too, but said there was little they could do about it! As for getting a free dvd player for points...for goodness sake, when didn't the agency use the money to pay a teacher and give the school a freebie!Perhaps we should name and shame the poor agencies!!!!!
  13. Mark :(
    Hays :(
    Celsian :(
    Capita :(

    Supply Desk :D
    Quay :D

    My advice is get yourself in a union for some protection. Anyway my rep. told me 'don't waste time with agencies that aren't giving you any joy, move on to the better ones.'

    Keep your chin up LT, nil bastardum carborundum!
  14. If you're in London, go with Career teachers and Masterclass. They're great for me. J.J Fox is good too. Ask for Nick.
  15. I understand, this can be so frustrating! They mess up and you lose out! We always get the raw end of the deal. This has happened to me a few times. I realise school timetable are always changing and supply teachers especially need to stay flexible, but the least they can do is say sorry. My agency will usually pay my expences if it's not my error.

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