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Cycling in schools

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by jonwilko, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. jonwilko

    jonwilko New commenter

    Hi does anyone have any experience of starting cycling in their curriculum for PE?
    I wish to apply for a Sport England Grant to do some grasstrack racing and buy some bikes and clothing. We are a secondary Academy in Somerset.
    With Wiggins in maillot jaune and the Olympics track team about to strut their stuff, I want to find some future stars!

  2. We don't realy teach cycling (road), but we do offer the oppertunity for BMX on sportdays of 3rd grade pupils (14-16yr old).
    I haven't tried this myself, but you could take a look at this site: http://www.freesport.slo.nl/freebiking/
    Beware... it's in Dutch, but you'll find examples for indoor trialbiking in a typical dutch (school)gymnasium and outdoor ATB/mountainbiking.
  3. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    My daughter's school have built a good mountain/downhill biking track which is used lots during lessons, for clubs and at lunchtimes. Kids come home filthy but it's a great track and very popular. The Athertons live just down the road so they're a huge inspiration.
    I believe the kids who took an engineering course helped to build the track.
  4. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Surely not for the curriculum - 30+ bikes is not feasible.
    After school maybe.
    In the indy sector it is something I have looked at offering as a games afternoon - whereas those who play cricket go to training and the less sporty hire a bike and go cycling in the countryside.
    However I would have stipulated that they would bring their own bikes. Even if Sport England give you the money where are you going to store the bikes, and how long before common knowledge informs others that 30 decent bikes are being stored at a local school?
  5. jonwilko

    jonwilko New commenter

    Thanks for your points....
    it would be extra curricular, as part of funding stipulates this.
    I agree, I was thinking about 10-15 machines.I assume you arrived at the number of 30 as an average class size?
    Storage is not impossible, and we are insured! I will also get the local police to stamp them and I am sure there are other security possibilities.
    I love the idea of 'less sporty hire a bike and go cycling in the countryside'....at school I was 'not sporty' as I was rubbish at ball sports and running but was riding 70-80 miles at 13 years old and have raced to a reasonable standard.
    I want to get rid of this label and we will be tearing round a track at 25 mph with heart rates way above anything a cricket player ever experiences....

  6. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Good idea about Police - yes keep them informed - there's that magic water you can mark on the bikes as well.
    May be worth thinking about hiring them out to other schools - great if you use them once or twice a week, but could other schools use them the rest of the week? You could say to the funders that any monies received would be used for maintenance, minibus fuel to countryside etc.
  7. jonwilko

    jonwilko New commenter

    Thanks GGJ, that is a great idea.
  8. I have taken kids to the Peak District (Parsley hay and Howden reservoir) for the last 20 years where we hire bikes for half a day and cycle on well used paths away from traffic.More recently we have been to the Velodrome in Manchester where you can track cycle or use the BMX track which is awesome.Our Sports Development just got plans in for a small but good bike track which got funding from various sources and is a joint venture with British Cycling;a club uses it for races on Summer (?) evenings.They have a store of bikes and you can imagine the excitement this created with local schools using it in the day.The store they first used , was a tempoaray arrangement and they lost a number of bikes to a malicious fire(Oct 10) Having built the fleet back up , including many specialist Disability Bikes, they were robbed again recently of 30 decent bikes , from a locked store on the site.As yet these have not been recovered.Along with many other similar departments , just over a year ago they lost 30 staff from Sports development.those remaining had to take on the role of two other people to cover the losses.Imagine the strain on them and its not surprising when mistakes are made under that pressure and its tempting to get volunteers doing responsible jobs.
    Apartnership of schools or a combination between schools/sports dev could do well in bids as it covers more people and time.This may be a better bet than one school trying to do it all themselves,even then its difficult to staff.
    The other project that has gone hand in hadn with the track is 'Bikeability' which has run in local Primary schools.
    Nearby in manchester there is a chairty called Wythenshawe Wheelers which runs a coupl eof days a week at an Athletics track and at weekend does a dinner time session.this is a registered charity which is now well established and does great things for disability kids.
    Some of these things may trigger interest.
    Must go training beckons.
  9. Hi,

    I am very passionate about my cycling and have raced both road/track from quite young. I went on a few British cycling coaching courses so I could run cycling at school as an after school club. These courses are great as they give you lessons plans and lots of ideas, they show you how to run a safe lesson for children. So it shows that you could run cycling as part of the curriculum. Also if you apply for the go-ride, you can then run cycling competitions between different schools, which I am hoping to start up this year.

    I have started to apply for the 'Bike it' awards, its with a company called SUSTRANS which basically encourage cycling within schools and offer funding and initiatives - so you might be interested in that?

    I also want to run cycling as part of the curriculum, so have been applying for funding from surrounding companies etc. I carried out a cycling project over the last couple weeks of the term, to gather information and statistics to prove how cycling could benefit the school. We kept all the evidence etc in a scrapbook which we then sent off to the companies etc. The SUSTRANS organisation have also seen other schools do this, so it is all feasible. I am hoping for between 15-30 mountain bikes small/medium frame, a bike storage shelter, pumps and maintenance kit.

    Cycling is a fantastic sport, the kids love it - they have fun and are active at the same time!!!

    Good luck and hopefully you will do your part to get the kids out on bikes!!!

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