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CV for International Jobs

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sparklypinkstars, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Really looking for some advice - I'm currently drafting my CV (first time I've written one since I was 18!) as I'm applying for international jobs and most foreign schools seem to want them. I've never had to do one for a teaching post before, as most UK schools don't ask for them, and I have a lot of (probably silly!) questions.
    1) Is it acceptable to write in the first person, ie. "I am solely responsible for x, y & z" or does it have to be in the third person, ie "Responsible for x, y & z" ? Most of the examples I'm looking at online (not to pinch bits from, before anyone jumps on me for that, but to remind myself how to structure a CV!) seem to have it in the third person...
    2) I'm still at the same school I joined as an NQT. Do I include teaching placement schools under my teaching experience, while making it clear this was as a student teacher? If I don't include those, I'm just worried my CV looks very short, and my pre-teaching jobs were the usual summer holiday waitressing/checkouts stuff during Uni and bear no relevence to teaching so I obviously won't include those!
    3) Likewise, as I'm at the same school my references are currently my Head of Department and Headteacher. Is this alright, or will this look suspicious to a school? I don't really want to put my PGCE tutor as that was 3 years ago now, and seems far less relevent to me. One school asks for a reference of the current head and previous head, so not quite sure what to do with that one!
    4) Quite a few schools want a current photograph - do I put this on the CV, or just send as a separate file?
    5) Do I put my A-level grades and GCSE grades? The reason I ask is that my GCSEs are good, however my A-levels are atrocious due to my parents divorce, family upheaval and my not sitting any A2 exams as a result - I got through by accident on high AS grades and the coursework. Went to Uni and got a 2:1, so obviously that speaks for itself. On previous applications when I was looking for an NQT job I put a note saying low grades were due to personal circumstances which I would be happy to explain at interview... Should I do that again, should I omit the results entirely, or should I just put my results down and hope that my degree and teaching experience will be considered far more important than the A-levels I got at 18?!
    Posting this here instead of jobseekers purely because I'd like the perspective of those who have successfully had international jobs, the jobseekers forum seems to be mostly those seeking UK jobs. Hope this is okay, and sorry if a lot of my questions are silly and me overthinking things.. I just really want to get this right!!
    Thanks in advance for any help, anyone :)
  2. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    My bits on this after sifting the sands of our current crop of hopeful and woeful applicants:

    1. Write in the first person, but get your spelling and syntax absolutely right - that does not mean putting it through a spellchecker - that means proof-reading it repeatedly.

    2. Include your placement schools. If you had other jobs that went on for a time (say a gap year) include these. Service jobs are often helpful in showing that you can be sociable and engaging and are not a hermit.

    3. HoD and current Head are essential - put down the tutor if they agree (check with them first)

    4. Current photo means a current acceptable passport photo, not a photo of you on the beach, in the air, in a bar (seen them all)

    5. Yes. Put your grades down and explain them if necessary. I always ask anyway.

    Please make it easy and logical to read and do what the site/agency/school tells you to do.

    Good to ask questions - nothing wrong with that at all.

    Good luck
  3. The spot the difference thread has a few bits on C.Vs that the O.P may wish to have a look at.

    I have a few different opinions from Syria1 which just shows that different schools/employers look and value different things.

    1. I agree first person for an opening gambit. After that I would list roles in the third person. I prefer brevity in a C.V. A letter of application can allow for an expansion on key points.

    2. Agree, include placement schools. Disagree with entirely irrelevant jobs. I don't care if you've worked on a checkout for a year. If the job is related to the subject or shows a virtue (charity or voluntary work) or you in a different angle ( a skill or an interest not obvious in the rest of your CV) then definitely include it.

    3. Agree with Syria1 but may include head of department or anyone else in MM who may value a contribution you have made.

    4. Whole heatedly agree, I don't want to see a Facebook photo.

    5. Disagree with the grades, just list the subjects. For me that may well raise a flag. Don't include negative information on a C.V. If you can help it. You can get to the stage that you are able to explain rather than face elimination before that point.

    6. List INSET / PD taken, I want to see a developing teacher.

    20 people will tell you 20 different things but most will agree on spelling accuracy, tailored to the school and that it's a sales pitch.

    Best of luck

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