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CV Advice

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by najackson2407, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. najackson2407

    najackson2407 New commenter

    Hi All,

    Does anyone now where I can get some quality, useful feedback on my CV? I'm trying to break into senior management and I'm having limited luck in getting my foot through the door to interview. When I ask for feedback, I often get the usual "strong field" etc. which may or may not be true, but is not helpful. It certainly doesn't help in understanding why someone might be perceived to be stronger than myself, and what I can do to make myself appear more appealing on paper.

    I am aware that Assistant head posts are really hard to get, especially when applying externally, but if anyone has any advice on the matter I'd be extremely grateful.

    Thanks in advance
  2. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Star commenter

    Hi there. Just checking here. In my day you didn't do CVs you did an application form, as this was recommended for safer recruitment. I'm sure others will know if this is still the case but are you completing a form and supporting letter explaining how you meet all the person specs?
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  3. najackson2407

    najackson2407 New commenter

    Yeah, sorry for any ambiguity on this. I did mean the whole application and supporting statement/covering letter.

    From a qualification point of view I have done my NPQSL, but I don't have a masters or done future leaders etc. Is there anything anyone would recommend that they think is a must?

    Experience wise, I've done quite a lot, I've been successful in a number of schools with my role ever expanding into whole school areas.

    Obviously there are things I have done and there are some things I have had limited exposure to. Is there any experience which people consider an absolute must for an SLT application?

    I try to meet the person spec on every application (though does anyone else find it hard to contain it to two pages, without omissions, when the person spec is 4 pages long?)

    Any advice will be taken on board as invaluable.

  4. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    You need to fully evidence what positive impact you have already brought-about, in whatever leadership duties you’ve already had.

    What roles have you already held?
  5. najackson2407

    najackson2407 New commenter

    Quite a lot - I think anyway.

    Across a couple of jobs: hod for two curriculums simulataneouly, including revamping everything and always getting excellent results, btec qn, delivering npqml, pastoral head of 6th form, teaching and learning responsibility, Head of whole school it, I've been involved in tons of projects with positive outcomes from academic performance, to attendance, to specific targeted populations within the school. I've worked with another school to improve their ict department. Not a completely exhaustive list, but hopefully gives you an idea. I've tried to get involved in as much as I can, and I've always had a positive impact.

    One thing I'm yet to do, is be a governor. Does anyone thing that would help?
  6. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    It´s a bit tricky to advise on line. And a bit dicey advising personally when someone sends you their application. People can get into awkward situations - suppose you then apply to their school with their unwitting help?

    You could try downloading a book from Amazon (onto a kindle if you have one, or if not onto the free kindle app you can get for a PC, tablet or phone) about applying for a teaching job, something that will show you what should be (and what shouldn´t be!) in an application for a SLT post.

    Choose wisely - there are loads of books out there, many of which are not teaching based, or are American rather than UK focussed.

    Look for the 5 star reviews.

    And good luck!

  7. najackson2407

    najackson2407 New commenter

    Thanks for the pointer Theo.

    Just bought one I found called Interview for a Teaching Job: The definitive guide to interviews for a job as a teacher or headteacher. At first glance it seems useful, hopefully not written by a charlatan eh? ;-)
    TheoGriff likes this.
  8. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Might be, who knows? ;)

    But I´m sure that you went about it the right way, looking at the number of 5-star reviews. Those reviews are important, you know, coming from fellow teachers.


    Best wishes

  9. If you post a link to a google doc or somewhere to review it- i'd be happy to look
  10. najackson2407

    najackson2407 New commenter

    Thanks for the offer @niyawolf, I'm in the process of rewriting it, based on some feedback I've had and a book I've just read, so perhaps, once i've done that?

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