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Cutting candidates down after the interview lesson?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by maleprime, May 11, 2011.

  1. maleprime

    maleprime New commenter

    I have been shortlisted for an interview next week for a KS2 vacancy. There are another five candidates being interviewed and we've all been briefed to plan a 30 min lesson. I'm just wondering how they organise this in terms of observers. We all have different classes so assume we will all be teaching at the same time? Obviously the Head and Deputy can only be in one place so who else do they invite to observe - other SLT staff and governers?
    I'm expecting that after the lessons that they will rejoin, discuss and make a decision as to which have been unsuccesful in progressing onto the next stage - how are candidates told? I'm just imagining an Apprentice style firing where perhaps two or three are told to go home! [​IMG]
  2. vou


    I went for an interview where there seemed to be lots of candidates - again for a ks2 position. We were spread out over different year groups for our lesson observation. The two deputy heads came and observed for part of my lesson at different times - almost taking it in turn. The class teacher stayed the whole time acting as a TA. There seemed to be other candidates doing their lessons in other classes when I was initially shown around the school.
    I was interviewed later by one deputy and the headteacher. I had to wait a couple of days for the answer - due to all staff having to make time to meet to discuss their choice. It had been close but no job. I suspect that you will probably be observed by senior management staff - not necessarily the headteacher. So - don't worry. Just do your thing! Good luck!! :)
  3. maleprime

    maleprime New commenter

    Thanks for your quick reply to my message. Did you notice if any of the other candidates were 'suddenly missing' when it came to the interviews or did everyone receive one? I'm just intrigued how it might be all done, especially if they do interview all six of us.
  4. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    In my first interiew they had 4 candidates and made no cut after the lessons.
    On my second interview they took us in the staff room for coffee after our interview lessons. A while later they came in and asked two people to go with them. One teacher stopped with us in the staff room and told us that we had made it through to interviews. It was done quite discreetly though.
    The ones of us that got through had our interviews one by one. Then they deliberated for 30 minutes. They then came in to the staffroom and asked the successful candidate to go with them. But they told us all at that point that the person they took would be the chosen candidate. We then had the choice to stay behind for feedback.
    Good luck.
  5. I was shortlisted for interview where there would be 8 candidates-- I pulled out a week prior due to success at a different school so didnt actually go-- but I did receive the timetable for the day:
    Candidates 1 and 2 to teach 30 mins (different classes, observed by HOD, subject teacher, two deputies)
    Candidate 3 takes over from 1, 4 takes over from 2.
    Meanwhile candidates 5-8 go on tour of school and do pupil panel.
    Then all swap (5-8 teach while 1-4 tour and pupil panel)
    At lunch- re-shortlisting. 4 go home, 4 go through to afternoon interviews.

    I am SO glad I didnt end up going to this one.
  6. We interviewed for a new post last week, and started with 5 candidates. For the morning, we observed every teacher for half an hour, plus had a collaborative task before the school day started (8:15 - 8:50). While we were watching the teaching, candidates put together a written task to do with planning on from the collaborative task. At lunchtime, the panel met, with the aom of ruling out at least one candidate. In the end, we cut two, as their contributions on a number of fronts were weak.
    It's certainly not unusual, as it saves the panel valuable time in the afternoon, only interviewing people who stand a reasonable chance. It might seem a bit harsh to those who are 'let go' at lunchtime, but it's reality!!!
  7. vou


    To be honest. My observation was in the morning at 9:30 am and interview was in the afternoon at 2pm. I did wonder if I would be told after the observation that I wouldn't be called back for an interview but no. Immediately after the lesson - me and another candidate, who had a lesson observation at the same time, were asked if we wanted to stay in the school until our interviews. (She had a later interview as well) I lived locally so trotted off home but she stayed and was offered coffee and biscuits in the staff room. So obviously - they must have interviewed all candidates. I hope this helps. Again good luck. :)

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