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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by parachute89, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. parachute89

    parachute89 New commenter

    We have been ofsteded under the new framework, and our whole school was criticised for the lack of sequencing/flow of prior and new learning that we have currently have in our curriculum. Our whole school curriculum is currently under development, so we knew this, so we have been adapting what topics we will be teaching etc etc...

    This is including reception. Our school have decided on an approach where topics will be based on geography and history, and we will be following topics chronologically up the school. The geography-based topics chosen for reception are absolutely fine as I would generally teach these anyway (seasons, light and dark etc.) However, the history based ones chosen I am completely stumped with - as it is chronological, Reception have been asked to do "Stone Age" for one half term, and "Vikings" for another. I have absolutely no idea how I could teach Reception age children about Vikings and make it meaningful to them, as with such a big focus in the new ofsted framework for "learning and remembering".

    Are any other Reception classes having to do this? My answer during ofsted of going with the interests of the children and teaching them the most valuable skills they need in all areas to help them learn up the school wasn't good enough. Apparently going with the children's interests isn't the right answer anymore.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    But the NC for KS2 starts with the stone age. Year 3 should be doing that.

    History to Reception is remembering what they ate for breakfast!
  3. parachute89

    parachute89 New commenter

    We are an academy if that makes a difference!

    I completely agree with you and it’s boggling my mind, any suggestions as to what I should do would be much appreciated.
  4. otters258

    otters258 New commenter

    OMG this is lunacy. Even 15 years ago when Ofsted teams were big inspectors with a scooby about EY were as rare as hen’s teeth!! Now, not a chance. There is a reason that Early Years is a separate section in the Inspection Handbook: it is different! Despite the fact that the History NC 2014 is full of Govian nonsense many schools, including ours, teach the Stone Age in Year 3 where indeed they still have little or no concept of time! So shifting this learning onto 5 year olds is ridiculous.
  5. TeacherMan19

    TeacherMan19 Occasional commenter

    I would stand your ground and gather evidence to back up why its ridiculous. You've got your ELGs and EYP to work towards. So when they see that none of it has much to do about the stone age and all about the current world around them then they should see sense and knock it off.
    Management can't argue against fact and evidence.
  6. lizdot

    lizdot New commenter

    Utterly bonkers!

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