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Curriculum language choice in schools

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by hikochan, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Do they really? Well, you learn something every day...
    I was in Sydney a couple of months ago and did wonder about the ski clothing in sports shops, but the penny didn't drop. I idly supposed they needed it for holidays in far-off places
  2. Maschendrahtzaun it is, my dear. Worse than that, even.... At least sometimes.
    Best accent is Bavarian, anyway. But that's almost Austrian.
  3. Himmi-Herrgott-Sakrament-Zefix-’alleluja-mi-lecks-am-oarsch-scheiß-glump-verrecks!
  4. Jo Graham, woarst du scho amol in Bayern oda warum kannst so guad Boarisch?
  5. I wouldn't know about that - too many of them sound like yokels who left school at 14 [​IMG]
  6. I have been to Bavaria many times, and I spend at least two weeks every year skiing in St Johann in Tirol. The dialect there is very similar and many Bavarians come down to St Johann to ski each weekend so I hear these dialects more than any other. I have several Tyrolean Facebook friends who write their postings in dialect. I can't really speak Tyrolean, but I understand it most of the time and I habitually say "Jänner", "Feber", "heuer" and "öppis", and I order a "Seidel" in bars. I'm off to Switzerland for a holiday later this summer. The Swiss dialects are not at all not easy to follow! Practising "Grüezi" and "Uf Widerluege"...
  7. We say "heuer", too. And ordering a "Seidel" would also work quite well in Franconia, so you're equipped perfectly for every situation ;-). My dad works for a Swiss company and even for him, it is sometimes quite difficult to understand what his colleagues are saying. Some of them don't bother to switch to High German....
  8. Blinding oblivious to me is that Japanese and Dutch kids speak English as well as French and German ones. So no point there. And blinding oblivious is also that Germany and France are still two of Britains biggest trading partners - with many job opportunities in all three countries for people who can do two languages......The problem is that usually UK kids don't speak the other language as well as German or French ones. Further: studying at (for example) a German university is A LOT cheaper than in the UK, so if British schools would start showing their students the opportunities out there (opportunities which, by the way, are used by many people from around the world, who learned German as a foreign language) it might make a lot of sense to speak the language. One of my 6th formes is seriously considering studying Medizin in Germany. I personally think that the main problem in the UK still is the political attitude towards foreign languages: In most schools MFL is not part of the core curriculum. Give me 3 or more lessons per week (like in MFL teaching on mainland Europe) - and the students will speak the foreign language - no matter which language it is! Oh and by the way: I doubt that Chinese is the future. There is a generation of little princes uand princesses growing up in China, who by no means will be happy to work under the same conditions as their parents. As a result, I would think that quite a number of things will change there in the next decade. I believe a rounded education is the biggest goal. So it might be worth giving MFL lessons more presence on the timetables. And since trips and student exchanges with european partners are a lot easier to organise and realize - I would prefer sticking with these languages (and maybe add some more exotic ones for good linguists), which by the way are in no way old fashioned or boring. If you don't believe that, you are most welcome to my German lessons. [​IMG] Feedback from some of my students: German is one of our favorite subjects Miss, because it is not ablut the language only but we also learn so much about the country - and it is fun checking it out during trips and trying out whether people understand us. Germany is great! Hurray!
  9. Is your 6th former aware of the application deadlines of ZVS (now hochschulstart.de) and so on? If not, they should check it out, there could be a problem with the results dates. But at some universities, it is possible to start medicine in February in addition to October.
    You must be a very inspiring German teacher :).

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