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Curriculum for excellence programmes???

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by Pianist82, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Hi Zoelown, Well done on getting interviews :). I'm in early years and we use the Ziggy series of books to teach the children about road safety. This links to Health and Wellbeing and Numeracy, amongst other curriculum areas (more info here: http://www.gosafewithziggy.com/parents-and-educators/curriculum-for-excellence/). Sustainability is a hot topic - www.ecoschoolsscotland.org and www.educationscotland.gov.uk offer resources and curriculum links. We use Glow (Scotland's school intranet) to access online games covering different subject areas (www.educationscotland.gov.uk/usingglowandict/index.asp). Hope that may be of some help. Best of luck!
  2. For literacy:
    Ros Wilson and Big Writing
    North Lanarkshire writing
    both seem to have their champions - depends on where you are applying.

    Good luck - lots of supply in North East Scotland

  3. Thank you both that has helped me so much and I will now go into interviews more confidently, knowing of some schemes used in the curriculum for excellence. I will be teaching in Aberdeen :)
  4. Aberdeen, good choice! I'm here too, recently had interview for primary PGDE, should hear back soon hopefully. Am currently working in a playgroup and have found that I really like early years! Are you primary/secondary?
  5. Ohhh good luck. I moved up here from Norwich area in England and done a PGCE course in Derby. I'm Primary and pleased to say I now have a job offer for a P3 class. Looking forward to start teaching properly now :)
  6. Thanks. Ah Derby, I'm from Northants and miss the weather! Hope you have a decent coat and boots! :) Congrats on your job offer, hope all goes well.
  7. If you are teaching in Aberdeen, I can help you. All primaries are now using North Lanarkshire's Active Literacy. It's more to do with pedagogy than a programme as such. Worth a google.

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