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curriculum for excellence planners Japan

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by robber red, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I have a japan planner that I could send you. Also there is a video called Discovering Japan from channel four. Sorry RR I found the booklet but no video.
  2. Hi I have decided to do Japan this year and was wondering if it would be possible for me to have a look at your plans also. If you are happy to do this I will send you my email address to forward them to.
  3. Yeah no probs. It is a fife plp so I don't want to claim it as my own just passing it on. Send me ur email n I'll send it to u
  4. Hi lplateteacher, coudl I possibly hvae a copy of your Chian plan too? This is the topic we have to do with our P6/7 class as well. Many many thanks! jane_and_17@yahoo.co.uk

  5. Kutly, could I possibly have a look at your Japan planner too if that's possible? Thank you! jane_and_17@yahoo.co.uk

  6. Hi Lplateteacher would it be possibe for me to have a look of your China plan too?
  7. Hi Lplateteacher
    Thank you for your offer of a China plan- please could you send me a copy to
    senga367@aol.com ...thanks a million
    Robber Red
  8. Hello again Lplate teacher
    If you have a minute I would be very grateful for your china plans.
    Please send to senga367@aol.com
    Thanx a milion
    Robber Red
  9. Hi
    Could I please jump on the bandwagon and have a copy of the Japan Curriculum for Excellence planners too.
  10. Hi,

    Would it be possible to also get a copy of the Japan planners. I am about to begin a topic on China and would love to contrast/compare what I have drafted so far as a CfE planner! Would happily share my final version of China topic....if I ever get there!

    Thanks so much, Gillian
  11. email would help- gillian0783@aol.com
  12. Hi Lplateteacher
    I read your post about your China topic. I have recently started my probation in a primary seven. Our topic this term is China but there are very little plans or resources in the school. I would be so greatful if you could e-mail any useful info you have! my email is caitrionamcq2@hotmail.co.uk
    Thanks a million

  13. Hi Lplateteacher, starting off China Topic and have been asked to make up CfEx topic planner. Would really appreciate any help. Much appreciated. My e-mail address is jrimmer98a@googlemail.com.

    Thanks again.
  14. Hi Gillian,

    would really appreciate if you could provide me with a copy of any China CfEx planner you have. Really struggling, many thanks for your help, again, my e-mail is jrimmer98a@googlemail.com

    Thanks again
  15. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    I'm SO pleased to see the enthusiasm on this thread!! I've been using Japan as a geography topic in Year 6 now for about 5 or 6 years - couldn't bear to do the banana industry of St. Lucia one more time....
    I faced a lot of opposition from the co-ordinator at first (she repeatedly refused to accept copies of my plans because it wasn't what I was supposed to be teaching, then publicly berated me in a staff meeting for not handing in my planning to her (!), and finally, when I all but threw the plans at her, she raved about them... Go figure!)...
    Anyway, back to Japan - it's a fantastic topic!
    Volcanoes, earthquakes (good links to Literacy adventure stories or news reports there, and of course Haiku too), climate and graphs etc in maths, origami, kimonos, and in DT, there's food (pupils each make a bento lunch box) and slippers (have you heard about Japanese toilet slippers??!!!), reduction printing in art, and if you're feeling really brave, there's an ace kids' version of the G&S Mikado too....

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