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Curriculum Allocation/Time for Computing

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dazandelea, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. dazandelea

    dazandelea New commenter

    Hi everyone
    I am trying to collect data on the /curriculum allocation/ across different schools at Key Stage 3 (or Middle School) for /Computing/.

    If you are a teacher of Computing (at KS3 or MS) - and you have less than 2 minutes to spare (I've tested it) - could you complete this very short survey (Google Form) for me? No sign-in required.

    Survey link: http://bit.ly/computingtime
    I am very grateful.

    1. There are only 3 compulsory 'ticks' (all within the first question)
    2. There are only 3 other optional questions (between 3 and 5 ticks, I'd suggest)
    3. No personal data is collected
    4. I will share the anonymous results by Friday, 17 March

  2. dazandelea

    dazandelea New commenter

    Hi everyone.
    Sorry, I forgot to post the results of the survey I did, all those months ago. There are 89 responses to the survey titled "Computing for Students {Curriculum Allocation} aged 11 - 14 years". Use the information as you wish.

    Thanks for being part of it, too :)
    Link here: http://bit.ly/ks3-comp-hours

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