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Current software is ****

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by T34, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. T34

    T34 Established commenter

    That's c*r*a*p.
    I've just had a traumatic hour with my partner who emailed herself a word doc from school, opened the attachment, written a load of extra stuff, saved it and forwarded it back to herself at school.
    Needless to say, when she opened it at school it was the original attachment with none of the new work.
    So I search around for the file on her home computer - but a file containing her new work either as .doc or .docx does not seem to exist. The program is Word (2003?) and I use Word97. I eventually found a "Save as" button, but gave up searching for "Recent files".
    Why is everything now so complicated? Why is there so much choice?
    And don't get me started on mobile phones. Is there a mobile phone out there somewhere that does NOT take photographs, does NOT access the internet, does NOT have about 100 options, one which simply allows me to send and receive phone calls? Point me at it if there is.
    I used to have a great little program of a few Mb for picture editing. Of course it doesn't work on modern OSs. So I download its replacement - 900Mb! Takes about an hour installing .net framework etc. At the end of all this I find that It has no facility for adjusting colour levels, gamma, saturation etc.
    Have we all gone mad?
  2. 2 reasons really.

    1) Microsoft wanting to gain the edge on the market by having exclusive file extensions

    2) Memory is too cheap and with 24/7 standard priced internet, companies no longer have to consider the limitations of net speed, download cost and storage implications.

    Winamp used to be 2.5MB - I dread to think what it is now
  3. Winamp - 11MB. Not too bad.
  4. Jessy1234

    Jessy1234 New commenter

    For a mobile try amazon or carphone warehouse, they sell phones without all the new gagets.
  5. Actually it's terrible. Windows apps used to be pretty small. One of the main bad guys was Microsoft's C++ compiler and libraries - Windows apps went from a few MB being big to an empty Windows app (e.g. just open and close a Main Window) being something like 4 or 5 Mb and taking ages to compile.
  6. I assure you it's not terrible. The features that the latest Winamp can/has to support are exceptional for the size it is - iPod syncing, radio, burning, and all the extra codecs it has to include out-of-the-box compared to the original with just a few...
    And it's not just a Windows issue - Amarok on Linux is around 13MB and exceptionally powerful. Definitely have a go at the 326MB Paint Shop Pro file (http://www.oldversion.com/Paint-Shop-Pro.html) compared ~30-50MB a few versions ago - that is bloat. As is Adobe PDF Reader which Sumatra can do at 36 times smaller....
    I would rather have one program that does all my music needs well rather than lots of smaller ones.
  7. By the sounds of things she opened the file (which copies it to the temporary folder) made changes and then pressed save (which will save it in it's currecnt location - temp) and then forwarded the original file (which has not been changed).
    The file with her changes are still probably there in the temp folder. This folder location changes based on which version of Windows you are running.
    Also it isn't searched by default since it is hidden.
    I feel your pain but as a developer there is no perfect solution:
    <ol>[*]What happened to your wife.[*]The file attached to the original email is changed. What happens when you look for the original unchanged attachment?</ol>Either way people would complain.
    As for photo editing I've been using Paint.NET which is like a light version of photoshop.
    Finally if you want cheap simple phones have a look at http://www.dealextreme.com/c/cell-phones-511?page=1&pagesize=52&pagesort=price you can offen find the same stuff in chinatown.


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