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Current rate for tutoring a Year 2 child?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Anonymous, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Your scale is irrelevant. You pay what the market dictates and what you can get away with. Generally I would say £20 to £25 an hour - you have no travel so that helps.
    You don't need to tell anyone - but technically should declare the income on your tax return.

  2. Look at electricians and plumbers, average £60/hr, car mechanics average £70/hr. I would not charge less than £25/hr. Make sure that you have an independent adult with you at all times.
  3. Hi K4b,
    I am an NQT and whilst waiting to secure my first permanent post (!!) I am working as private tutor and also a supply teacher. I work for an tutoring agency but am technically self-employed. I am responsible for paying my own tax and NI. I initially informed the DWP and the Inland Revenue know of my work and I will be assessed fully in April as obviously I do not know how much I will be earning.
    I teach 6 different children each week from y1-y6. I charge £23 per hr but £4 per hr of that I have to pay back to the tutoring agency in commission. I still feel it is worth the pay as I am desperately trying to clock up 16 hrs each week in order to claim working tax benefit. The going rate though is £20-£25, certainly no more than that.
    Neither I nor the agency charge extra for mileage or weekends etc as it is all too much mither. Just keep to the same flat rate. I find anyway that my work comes from similar areas that I can group together on the same days so it all works out.
    There is alot of planning involved but if you are teaching anyway during the week, your planning will come from that. I also find that I can deliver the same lesson to same year group children. However, the difference with tutoring is that it is much more tailored to the child's own abilities and so same lessons do have to be adpated.
    Tutoring does not take account of experience in teaching. As an NQT, I receive the same hourly rate as the retired Head who runs the agency!
    I also find that I use my private tutoring planning in my supply work and vice versa, which all helps to bump up the hourly pay/time ratio.
  4. I think that you will find that the going rate is more like £15-40/hr, some charge and get more than this. Look at the threads on this forum. You should not sell yourself short as you are a teacher. You do not have to join an agency. Look at the net and you will find websites that you can register for at no cost to you or the client. I think it is better to teach at the pupils home as they will feel more relaxed.

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