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Current Educational Issues in Scotland?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Paul_Cl, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. First-time user and first-time PGDE Secondary applicant. I would be lost without the aid of these forums!

    I've just submitted my application for consideration to Edinburgh to study Technological Education. I'm slowly forming a game-plan for the future stages of the process e.g. typical interview questions, presentation advice etc. But I'm struggling to find on-line resources highlighting the current educational issues in Scotland. I would appreciate if someone could cast some light on this topic for me to support my preparations. Preferably in black and white!

    Much thanks,

    Paul Cl.
  2. Hi Paul,
    I had the same problem. Apparently the McCormack report is the most recent issues but how to find it online is a nightmare. If you can find it please let me know. Good luck with your application.
  3. Found it - check out
  4. The McCormack report is good but maybe a little more political than educational. My vote would be with assessment. Loads out there on that and always a hot topic. Good luck with your interviews :)
  5. Hi

    You won't find any reference to AiFL as Education Scotland has removed it from its website! The biggies are CfE, obviously, also assessment and inclusion.

    TESS is a great place to pick up the current issues and debates in education.

    Good luck
  6. Hi there,
    Why has AiFL been removed?Has policy changed?I was just wondering as I was thinking of talking about it at my PGDE interview!
  7. As far as our tutors/ lecturers at strathclyde have told us, they are developing new terminology for what basically still is AiFL, but they have removed all reference to it from their website just as schools struggle to design and develop their own assessments.

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