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Current educational initiatives

Discussion in 'Primary' started by delma, May 27, 2008.

  1. delma

    delma New commenter

    Hi CTP-I'm in the same boat and am starting to panic a bit!

    I wrote a list of everything I'm trying to 'catch up' on the other day. I had Primary Framework, Afl, Creative Curriculum, VCOP, Letters & Sounds and any changes in my specialist subject (art)

  2. Hi there, the best advice at the mo. is to get up to speed on the renewed framework for numeracy and literacy - most schools will be going through transition from national numeracy / literacy strategies to this which is now all online - google it and you should see what I mean. Then there is the AfL strategy released this month - linked, in part to the new framework - again, google that. Good luck! xx
  3. I'd say the AFL is crucial, target setting, child self-assessment etc, there's lots on it, you need to do lots of reading!!
  4. Just looking at this thread it says 2008. Does anyone know of any recent educational initiatives?
  5. Maybe a look at the New Ofsted Framework would be an idea. There is a huge focus, S,M,S,C Spiritual, moral, social and cultural well being.

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