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Current and future challenges

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by ictex, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hello All
    I am doing some reserach for my post graduate degree and was hoping you could let me know what you think are and will be the biggest challenges facing schools.

    All responses very welcome.

    Many thanks

  2. The Conservatives!

    But honestly I think the IB will have a massive impact. It could change the view of education - especially certain subjects.
    In short - I thought the diploma route would change the face of education but it was not fully implemented as I thought it would be. My impression was that Labour wanted each child to be doing 2 diploma's plus all the other bits attached. The IB if fully implemented change education - but I think not!
  3. In the secondary sector there are two: getting beyond league tables and battling against the perception that it's not cool to learn.

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