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Currency conversion and payments to overseas authors

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by kellyocs, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. kellyocs

    kellyocs New commenter

    A month ago I tried my first Withdraw to Bank and had to go to my bank's website and locate a SWIFT code. I entered the details and the SWIFT code even though the directions given on the form were a little vague. A month later and still no funds in my account. Surely if TES can convert to overseas currencies for purchases from customers they can do the same for their overseas authors. I took the precaution of withdrawing a smaller amount the first time around but am not going to risk more funds being lost in cyberspace until the first amount is located.
  2. miker459

    miker459 New commenter

    Similar situation with me, I am sure I followed all of the steps that my banker gave me, but still nothing after 2 months.
    kellyocs likes this.
  3. kellyocs

    kellyocs New commenter

    I wonder how many of us have had the same experience and where all the funds have gone. Surely TES has a record of funds that have actually been claimed and can cancel and reset payments that haven't been. I've tried a number of email addresses and phone numbers to try and track down my missing payments but have had no replies to any as yet.
  4. Krazikas

    Krazikas Occasional commenter

    Have you tried authors@TES email?
  5. kellyocs

    kellyocs New commenter

    I think I may have but I will send them another email today.
  6. kellyocs

    kellyocs New commenter

    Sent off an email to authors@tes.com and got a quick reply. Natalie at author support checked my details and found the outstanding amount hadn't been accessed. Finance reset my account and I did another withdrawal using the paypal option and the instructions below.

    Click on ‘Withdraw to bank’ as normal, then enter your details in the following way:

    Choose any other country apart from US or UK (this is to ensure you are presented with the ‘IBAN’ option for the next step)
    Choose the ‘IBAN’ option, then enter PAYPAL00000000 in the IBAN reference box.
    Enter PAYPAL as your Bank Name
    Enter your PayPal registered email ‘Address’ box
    Enter PAYPAL in both the ‘Town’ and ‘Postcode’ boxes.
    Additionally, if you have both a UK and a US store, you’ll need to complete this process for both marketplaces when making your next withdrawal.

    Very happy with the result. Thanks Natalie
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