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Curiousity: how long does it take you to do an application?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by anon3946, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. All in all, I'm finding it takes me the best part of a full day to do the application, ES and statement. Is this normal? It's quite exhausting, too- made worse by the HUGE list of jobs I have yet to apply for :S
  2. All in all, I'm finding it takes me the best part of a full day to do the application, ES and statement. Is this normal? It's quite exhausting, too- made worse by the HUGE list of jobs I have yet to apply for :S
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Used to be 2,1/2 hours just to fill all the information on to the form, after having spent 2 days reseaching/drafting/redrafting.
    Now I have made my own copies of the LA forms and most of the regular info. is simply printed off, but there's still the reasearch and deciding which of my many 'points' best fits the particular school for the 'Additional Information' section and letter of application/personal statement., so I generally allow 2 days with the odd break away ,so I see it with 'fresh eyes'.
  4. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    About 8 hours... sometimes a little less, sometimes more x
  5. welshchocoholic1

    welshchocoholic1 Senior commenter

    Hours, days! I think it depends on my motivation at the time, and what they are asking for in the letter. I did once do 10 applicationsn 1 day, but started at something silly like 6am, and didn't stop until midnight, I then checked through them the next day.
  6. welshchocoholic1

    welshchocoholic1 Senior commenter

    Oops - sorry didn't finnish. I do the same as Lara for the L.A applications, and save them, but changing the bits I need to. I once did 10 applications in 1 day, but this was fro 6am to midnight, and then I checked them the next day. I got some interviews from it though[​IMG].
    Maybe you could give yourself a up to a certain tme in the say, and then just stop, a bit like revision[​IMG]. I don't know!
    Good luck with it all x
  7. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Yeah, i've got a form with all the key bits already filled in on my comp for my local LA. Not that it'll do me much good anymore, i don't really want to work in an acadamy (although i may have to cede on that at some point). It takes me a little longer on supporting statements because i'm dyslexic, but they can be done in about a day for me. My present app has taken me longer but i've had half term illness to deal with :(
  8. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    My last application form (not for a Teaching post) took me roughly 8 hours to do, spread over a number of days.
    I tend to save any past applications on my computer so I can speed up future applications by cutting and pasting the basic information, name address, qualifications, past employment history etc. I also save personnel statements, past answers to "capability type " questions etc so I can reuse these if they are applicable. Of course I customise these to fit the job I am applying for.
    Even so it still takes time checking spelling.punctuation etc (hopefully none in the previously used stuff) modifying statements etc. It seems that every new post is asking for at least one new capability question and I have quite a collection of answers now.
    Fortuantly I am in the postion where I am getting regular supply work (at the moment) and so I can only select the jobs I am genuinely interested in to apply for. I can easily see how for some jobseeking itself can be a full time job.
    Good Luck

  9. tigger82

    tigger82 New commenter

    My last application took me about 10 hours to do the research and CV to their specifications and then another 6 hours to write the 1000 word report. Add to that the visit and research and it is probably another 6 hours.
    The application was the most thorough I have ever done and I am still waiting to hear if I have an interview. I am not a very patient person...
  10. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Yes, i sometimes think I need to put 'Permanent Jobseeker' under 'Current Employment'!

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