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Cumbria SCITT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by north87, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Just wondering who is starting the training in september?
    Really bad news about the bursary!
  2. Hi Lauren,
    I have been offered a place on the course starting September 2011, however I have just been informed about the bursary! Now I have no idea if i'm going to be able to go, as I have no idea how I would afford to rent a place :(. Do you live local to Workington?

  3. I live near Workington.
    Housing is cheap and there are plenty of places to rent. Look in the local paper (Times & Star http://www.timesandstar.co.uk ) Or advertise in it for a room. There are plenty of possibilities.
    email me if you want to pick my brains!!!.
    gertie at grumbles.me.uk

  4. Hi Everyone.
    I shall be starting at CPTT in September too - really excited.
    I agree with Gretie Grumbles advice, the Times and Star will be a great place to look for a room or possibly www.your-move.co.uk and type in postcode CA14.
  5. Hello,
    I dont live locally, so i'm looking for places to rent. I was just looking for a single room with a family, Claire where did you find yours? I could be interested in a house share if anyone has any suggestions? Other than that I'm trying to pursuade my Parents to buy a caravan ha!
    Hope everyone is excited
  6. Hi Lauren,
    I would be interested in a house share also, as I know I would enjoy living with people off the course more than with a family. The room I looked into wasnt that great and the family were strick on allowing you to have visitors, which put me off. Therefore i'm now looking to find people to live with off the course.
    I spoke to Joanne Blaney at the centre, she said that people on the course tend to share accommodation, which is better as its helps you get to know people on the course and tends to make it more feasable. She also mentioned that the 'About me' sheets will be put together in a booklet and sent to everybody starting the course in September, which will allow you to contact other people on the course wanting to share accommodation.
    Are you moving far from where you live ? Im coming from Cheshire so its quite a way! I can't wait to start now! How about you? excited?


  7. Hiya Claire
    Yes Joanne said the same to me. Apparently I have family friends in cockermouth and my mum is speaking to them, but I am the same as you to be honest, if i lived with a family i would be worried about visitors and what times i was getting in etc. Hopefully we can get together and sort something out? I'm from Wigan, not too far from you! I'm doing my dissertation at the moment so i'm not really thinking about much else, but the thought of starting the PGCE is helping, I am excited, cant wait to meet new people!
    Claire who has the interview, i agree with what Claire said. They are really nice, my car broke down on the day and they took me to halfords to buy jump leads :) Good luck!
    Thanks Gertie, did you train there?

  8. Aww Thanks girls for putting me at ease, if i get in I'll be bunking with you two also lol.
    is the english essay just a quote or something, is it really hard?
    yeh joanne on the phone sounds lovely, its making me more determined to get the interview, other universities ive dealt with have been horrible.
    I'm also stressing about the presentation, can u pick anything like a storyboard i made for P1 children and it has afffected them positively, or would something more vague be better. Sorry about all the questions :)


  9. Hiya Lauren
    It would be good to get together and try to sort something out (around you're dissertation of course [​IMG] hope its going ok, o how i dont miss the days of writing a dissertation), are you studying in Wigan or elsewhere? Im thinking we could meet half way, somewhere like Warrington maybe? Yeah i am excatly the same about living with a family, id feel like i could never have people around. Plus ive spoken to people doing PGCE's elsewhere and they have said its better to live with people on the course.
    Claire, with regards to the presentation, i did mine on a residential trip i did with a group of year 4 children, i talked about things like the positive things they got from the trip such as; learning outside the classroom and how thats topical within the primary sector at the minute. I also spoke about my contribution to the trip and did video interviews with the children (a boy and a girl) and one with the teacher who organised the trip. This went down really well and got very positive feedback from this, hope this helps, get in touch if their is anything else i can help with. O and if you get on you can bunk with us [​IMG].
  10. Hey guys,
    I got a place on the scitt last week, great news for me!! so excited to get started :) I spoke to Joanne last week and she said we should have intro booklet by mid april...look forwars to seeing that, although mines attrocious and cheesy! I guess we'll get contact deets and go from there as far as housing is concerned!
    Im in same boat as you guys, gonna be well broke when get up to cumbria, so the cheaper the better for me! I even considered caravan idea too :)
    Im from Manchester so looks like theres a few of us comin from same neck of the woods (currently studying in sheffield).
    Well its great to see chat about the course, makes it more real, and exciting!
    If you guys wanna facebook add me that'd be cool...its bryn keating (my picy is me with a blue apron on i think, cant be many with my name) just leave a message so i know who you are)
  11. Oh gosh! My about me thing is mega cheesy too! feel free to laugh at it when you have a look at it haha!
    If anyone wants to add me on Facebook that would be good, my full name is Claire Hobson and my picture is me stood next to a Stereophonics poster, just send me a little message so I know who you are :)
    I can't wait to meet everyone now :D

    Claire x
  12. Claire how did your interview go? Xx

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